Purchase Balance Writeoff in Accoxi

Learn more about how to enter Purchase Balance Writeoff in Accoxi.

Balance Writeoff (1)

Purchase Balance writeoff

Balance write off is a function available for users in ACCOXI purchase view => more options tab. If the purchase is on credit there will be amount to be paid to the supplier. After a while if the supplier decides to give the user any discounts or allowances user can write off this amount using the balance write off option.

Balance Writeoff

Steps to use balance write off option

  • Create a credit transaction and it shouldn’t be fully paid
  • Then Select more features from the purchase invoice view
  • From that Select balance write off option
  • Then a balance write off window will popup
  • In that window information regarding the remaining balance to be paid to the supplier will be given And user can select the account and date
  • Then user can enter the adjusting amount as well as description
  • Then click save to save the changes

Balance Write Off Form



Ref. number

Reference number of the adjustment


Enter the date of the adjustment


Select the account of the adjustment


Automatically appear the remaining balance to be paid to the supplier


Enter the amount to be adjusted


Enter the description to the adjustment


Serial number of table data

Ref. no

Ref. number of previously adjusted balance write offs


Account details of previously adjusted balance write offs


Amount details of previously adjusted balance write offs


Edit option enables the user to edit the amount of balance


Delete option deletes the balance write off added


Save the changes


To close the window without saving the adjustments

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