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Key financial reports for an organization

May 02, 2023

Key Financial Report Of An Organization

Key financial reports for an organization 


Finances are a vital part of every business and managing them efficiently is significant. As a small business owner, managing, organizing, and comprehending your company's finances depend on accurate financial reporting. Financial reports are crucial as it provides accurate information about the company's financial situation which is beneficial in decision-making in businesses. Though small business financial reporting has become a common term for all, some are still ambiguous about the different finance reports available. Let’s look into some important aspects of financial reports in detail. 


What is financial reporting? 

Financial reporting is a common accounting procedure that uses financial statements to reveal financial data and performance over a specific time period, typically on an annual or quarterly basis. The evaluation and understanding of financial facts are critical when a firm must make crucial decisions. Financial reports give managers the ability to spot patterns, and possible problems, and keep a close eye on their cash flow in real time. Small business financial reports enable companies to assess present operations and set plans for future expansion through more refined data models and thorough financial analysis. 


Why are financial reports fundamental? 

A financial report is essential for knowing how much money a business has, where it comes from, and how to utilize them properly. It is crucial for business owners to receive an annual report of this financial information since it will help them manage their company more successfully, assess operations more thoroughly, and inform business decisions. Financial reports are a great way to showcase a company’s financial integrity and build trust with potential investors and creditors. Accurate financial reporting mitigates the risk of error and saves an immense amount of time. It relieves the overall burden that comes along with filing a company’s taxes each year. Having exceptional online accounting software to handle all these reports and finances can be really helpful. Accoxi is a quality assured cloud-based online accounting software that helps in preparing all financial reports accurately. 


Must have financial reports for an organization 

Financial reports can be used to gain an understanding of the company's past, current, and future financial situation which is beneficial for every business to strategize future planning properly. Let’s look into some important financial reports 


  • Balance sheets 

Balance sheets are used to spot patterns and make more knowledgeable financial accounting decisions. This finance report gives a quick overview of a company's financial situation, detailing the assets and liabilities as well as the sources of funding for those assets. A company's total assets, liabilities, and shareholder's equity at a particular point in time which is mostly at the conclusion of an accounting period are summarised in the balance sheet. Your accounting needs vary according to your industry and the functions of your company. 

  • Cash flow statement 

Estimating future cash flow to help with budgeting and decision-making is one of the best uses for the cash flow statement. A business's total cash inflows and outflows over a specific time period are summarised in the cash flow statement. This statement differs from the balance sheet and income statement in that it only considers cash transactions. This financial report ignores non-monetary transactions like sales or purchases made with credit or depreciation. 

The three sections of the Cash Flow Statement include operating, finance, and investment activities signifying which parts of the company are producing and utilizing the most cash. The conventional financial statement package is made up of the Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet, and Income Statement. The accounting team creates these financial statements on a monthly basis following the completion of the month-end close procedures. 


  • Accounts receivable aging report 

Accounts receivable management issues are a frequent cause of cash flow issues, particularly for small businesses and mid-sized organizations. The less money you have available to run your firm, the more cash is locked up in receivables as a result of slow-paying clients and past-due accounts. The Accounts Receivable (A/R) Aging Report divides unpaid accounts receivable into categories according to the invoice's due date, which is normally current, as well as 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, and >90 days overdue. 

Most accounting systems may generate the A/R Aging Report, which can be seen at any time. A weekly check of these financial reports might be required if collecting on accounts receivable for your company is a problem. These financial reports can help in detecting past-due accounts. Following the identification of these accounts, collection measures can be started to enhance firm cash flows. Companies can more effectively manage the accounts receivable collections process after invoicing by reviewing the A/R Aging report, and this will increase accountability for the person in charge of collections. 


  • Income/Profit and Loss Statement 

Profit is essential for a company's long-term survival. The Income Statement is one of the most crucial financial reports as it shows whether the company is making a profit or losing money. The income statement can be used as the basis for the operational budget. The two sorts of items on the income statement are revenue and expenses. Revenue is the income received for services provided or things sold during that time period. By deducting expenses from revenue, profit, and loss, also referred to as net income and net loss, are computed. Additionally, it demonstrates the success of the plans the company made at the start of a financial year. 


  • Net Profit Margin Report 

A net profit margin statement is a financial report used for a detailed study of your profits than an income and loss statement. Net profit margin demonstrates how well the business performed in relation to operational revenue. This ratio shows how effectively money was used during operations in addition to indicating whether or not the company's revenue is above or below its expenses. The profit produced in relation to overall revenue is known as your net profit margin, one of the most crucial small business performance metrics. They help you put your current profits in perspective when compared to your prior profits. 

It sheds light on how sales revenue and expenses are related to one another. This financial report shows how much money the company makes after all costs and taxes have been paid. It contrasts gross and net income. It is difficult to accurately evaluate how effectively a firm is working and whether or not expenses are being controlled appropriately without taking a look at that company's net profit margin. 


  • 13-Week Cash Forecast 

The most crucial financial report for a small business to consider is a 13-week cash forecast if it wants to make sure it has enough working capital to hire lots of people and grow quickly. We can better comprehend what financial decisions can be made in the coming months by using a 13-week (quarterly) cash forecast. 


  • Weekly Sales Report 

A weekly sales report refers to a financial report that tracks the results of the sales process. These include leads or new contacts as well as outcome metrics, which refer to information gathered on the results of sales activities, such as new contracts or the volume of goods sold each week. A weekly sales report can assist you to categorise the one-on-one sales your company does according to their financial impact. These financial reports can be used to track sales data, summarise weekly operations outcomes, and compile ongoing data on sales successes and failures. 


  • Accounts Receivable 

The major reason these financial reports are significant is that they support efficient cash flow management. Accounts receivable reports reveal who owes you money, but accounts payable reports keep track of the money you owe to other people. They support account-based sales for enterprises. These financial reports allow you to spot consumers that routinely pay late and accounts that have fallen behind on their payments. By using this information, you can decide when to quit providing your services or selling your goods in order to prevent further losses caused by these clients. When it comes to managing payment collections effectively, AR reports are equally crucial. 


  • Budget vs Actual 

This financial report compares actual results, mostly from the Income Statement, to the budgeted amounts that were anticipated at the beginning of the period, as the name of the document suggests. It helps in knowing how well a company's spending and income generation align with the financial forecasting assumptions made in the budget. 

Every month, the Budget vs. Actual Report should be created and examined together with the financial statements to see if there are any areas of the firm that are not performing as expected and need further investigation. It can assist in locating areas that were over and under budget, showing the potential for hiring more staff, or drawing attention to a gross profit margin that is inconsistent with expectations for financial reporting, for instance. 

Accoxi is best-in-class accounting software that comes with features to aid in handling financial reports, preparing accurate GST reports, branch accounting, sales, and purchase management which is beneficial in handling all necessary accounting tasks for running a business smoothly. 


The bottom line 

Staying on top of your financial statements and reports is essential in building a strong foundation to strategize hasty and sound economic decisions whenever required. With industrial-rich features, Accoxi is an exceptional online accounting software that can help with all financial reports and guide you in scaling up the business to new heights. 

If you are looking for a smart solution to enhance your business and handle financial reports effectively, Accoxi is the best solution for you. Connect with us and get to know Accoxi in detail. 


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