Journey of Accoxi to Flawless Accounting System.

With the aim of signifying the standards of accounting solutions, Accoxi commenced the journey in the mid 2018.. ‘Accoxi’ is an online accounting system, designed as modern FinTech which is windows supported. Everything in ‘Accoxi’ is cloud based and this makes it better accessible and better secured for authorized users across the globe. Accoxi’ will guide you to overcome the hurdles caused by frequent updates in GST. Our GST adhered accounting solutions has rectification factors that fences in processes like GST report generation, Billing process etc. The user interface is so enabled that even a layman can interpret the application too well.

The different modules in ‘Accoxi’ like Dashboard, Sales, Purchase, Customer, Supplier, Inventory, Accounts and Reports will have detailed depiction of the happenings and processes that the prospective users will have a first-hand access on. Adding a vendor, creating expense for a particular product/service, adding customers, issuing customers’ invoices, generating Balance sheet and income statement are easily manageable tasks with ‘Accoxi’. ‘Accoxi’ can bring on the various changes in billing outputs as demanded by GST. It can also provide inter-state and intra-state billing along with number of other implementable GST changes. Our motto is to create bespoke invoice structure for your organization(s) based on the GST requirements.

Shift your accounts to cloud

Version 2.0.12

FTA VAT Audit Report and Audit File Generation (GCC Countries Only) FTA Excise Tax Report and Audit File Generation (GCC Countries Only) Excise Product Mangement (GCC Countries Only) Product List Report - Added more details about the Inventory Items

Version 2.0.10

Our revamped theme aims to elevate your user experience with a modern and sleek interface, combining visual appeal with user-friendly design. Our logo has been transformed to more accurately embody the essence and identity of our application, serving as a symbol of our dedication to innovation and expansion Accoxi seamlessly combines Bill and Purchase invoices in a unified interface, streamlining the management of expenses and product purchases into a single invoice for substantial time savings Enables recording surplus payments in Supplier/Customer Payment, beyond the invoice amount, and allows for adjustment of the excess amount with other invoices. Accoxi's latest update empowers you to easily create and manage diverse instrument types in your financial transactions In the Customer Payment section, Accoxi provides a functionality allowing you to document supplementary payments, such as bank charges incurred in addition to the received payment. The relocation of Menu Permission and Report Permission to user types enables tailored menu accessibility and finely-tuned report access for individual users, meeting their specific needs during user type creation. Accoxi simplifies data management by enabling the import and export of bulk item and service updates, facilitating efficient modification of various attributes for items and services.

Version 2.0.7- (1-05-2023)

Stay updated with Foreign currency with Global Multi currency Management Never miss a delivery with the Goods Received Note (GRN) Streamline your inventory with Material Requisition Take control of discounts with the Discount Override Management tool Ensure accuracy with Validation of Negative Stock Overriding Management Stay on top of expenses with Landing Cost and Cost Centre tracking Automate your financial reporting with the Recurring Journal feature Simplify purchasing with Purchase Order, complete with high-resolution product images Keep track of all changes with the Audit Trail Optimize your inventory with Fast/Slow Moving reports Stay on top of payments with Overdue Payable/Receivable reports Stay compliant with Bahrain VAT and Bill of Entry support. Simplify and streamline financial Transactions using Cheque Printing

Version 2.0.6- (14-11-2022)

New and Customized Reports Report Drilldown Customized Filtering

Version 2.0.3- (23-05-2022)

Branch Wise Sales By Items Report Branch Wise Top Selling Product Report New Rate Update Module Stock Book In-Stock Option Consolidated P & L Report Multiple Payment Mode In POS Top Selling Product Report Item Request View Reason Wise Filter In Stock Transfer Additional Filters In Sales By Items Report Branch Wise Daily Statement Report Consolidated Stock Report Consolidated Stock Ledger Report

Version 2.0.2- (29-04-2022)

Whatsapp Integration SMS Feature In Sales Invoice User-Friendly Accounts Search Forms Delete Organization Delete Organization and Branches Data Delete Branches Option

Version 2.0.1- (13-04-2022)

Manual Point Of Sale Interface Enhanced Business Performance Dashboard MRP Validation Option Dispatch Info

Version 2.0.0- (07-03-2022)

Accoxi Global Release Dynamic Tax Creation Invoice Template Customization UPI Integration In Sales Invoice Print Invoice Summary Interactive Organization Search Page Easy Navigation Interface To Various Branches/Franchises Customized Branch/Franchisees Preference Option Auto Invoice Save In POS Auto Amount Splitting Customer/Supplier Payment Facile Product Search  Duplicate Stock Transfer Creation Purchase To Stock Transfer Conversion

Version 1.1.5 -(19-10-2021)

Debit Note rate editable option Reserved quantity popup and reports Product Expiry Report Product Aging Report POS Modification: Automatic Bill Holding, Hold bill Warning, Hold Bill Bulk Deletion, Weighing Scale integration, Optional Head office Name in POS Print, POS Multiple Payment method, Customer Receivable Balance in POS Print Bulk Updation in reconciliation Ctrl+P ShortCut for Print in Report Viewer Weighing Scale Integration Item Request To Sales Invoice Conversion Branch wise GST Reports Branch Wise Barcode Printing

Version 1.1.4 -(30-05-2021)

Customer and Supplier Info Delivery Challan Stock Summary Unused Credits and Debits Customer wise discount option Inventory without batch Customer Pricelist Show/Hide columns in Sales and Purchase Organization Unit Management New auto-close message boxes Internet connectivity monitoring system Customer and suppliers search in invoices and payments Customer and Supplier due in invoices Sorting based on Ref. No. and Invoice Date in sales Organization Setup New advanced filters in all reports Route and Branch reports Minor bug fixing, updates, and cosmetic changes in various forms

Version 1.1.3 - (01-03-2021)

New Business creation from Accoxi Application Compound Unit Management Fund Transfer and Receive Module Notifications for Fund Transfer Opening Stock Management GSTR-2A Reconciliation GST Drill Down Reports SMS Integration Subscription Management Branch wise Logo and Signature Active Log for Users Enhanced security in Year Closing and Undo Year Closing Included Customers and Suppliers in Balance Adjustment Payment Reminder SMS in Sales New Reports Minor bug fixing, updates, and cosmetic changes in various forms

Version 1.1.2 - (15-12-2020)

General Ledger Interactive graphical data is available on Dashboard Copy from User Type Menu permission Request Permission Approval Minor updates and cosmetic changes in various modules

Version 1.1.1 - (22-11-2020)

Loyalty Management System Credit sales in POS counter Category selection option in Customer/Supplier form New navigation control updated in all search forms. Branch wise user group management Application version display in all footer pages Added Counter-Wise sales report Added Branch-Wise Sales Report Added Branch-Wise Stock report Resolved resolution issue in Windows 10 OS, if scaling more than 100% Minor updates and cosmetics changes in various modules

Version 1.1.0 - (08-10-2020)

Rate Updater Multiline invoice footer text for thermal print The Description column is now available in the Stock Transfer module In-Stock only product filter available in Item Search and Stock Book Added new navigation control on sales and purchase modules for quick search of all data. Stock validation popup added in various forms to prevent negative stock Modified Stock Journal report Direct Stock Journal view available from stock validation popup so that the user can verify the stock movement on a single click. Modified Auto Batch creation processes Enhanced the speed of barcode scanning in POS module Minor updates and cosmetics changes in various modules

Version 1.0.3 - (10-08-2020)

35+ Business Reports Kerala Flood Cess Point of Sales

Version 1.0.2 - (07-05-2020)

Bills Management Bill Payment Estimate Stock Adjustment Inventory Batch Management TDS Reports

Version 1.0.1. - (01-02-2020)

E-way Bill Sales Order Purchase Order TDS Management Advance management-Supplier and customer Reorder level settings

Version 1.0.0 - (09-10-2019)

Bank Reconciliation Automated Journal Entry GST Reports Financial Statements Company switching Reverse Charge
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