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Audit Trail For Tracking Transactions

An audit trail is a record that tracks down all accounting entries from their source. in Accoxi, For every transaction created, updated, or deleted, an audit trail is issued to verify the journey of a transaction.

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Understand the past

The user when added to the Accoxi system has to give in the previous history of user stories for better understanding their nature of transactions. This will help in personalizing the billing software in accordance with the user characteristics.

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Understand the Evolution

The user evolves over time. Accoxi is sensible to these evolutions and there is always a systematic understanding of the marketers in the Accoxi app. There has to be a solid database of the changing history of customer segments to make the necessary updates in the billing software. When there are new offers, you will always have the Accoxi app ready for it.


You might find business forecasting a complex procedure using historical data. Previous years’ performance cannot be trusted blindfold as there are multitudes of other factors that contribute to your organization’s performance. However, Accoxi will estimate the previous years’ performance for the records.

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