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Monitoring Business Performance

Visualize and analyze your business performance through an interactive dashboard in Accoxi. A dashboard that regularly screens Business Performance

Interactive Dashboards

Accoxi has a ‘drag & drop’ designed dashboard which can consolidate multiple reports into a graphic model. The dashboard design is so flexible users can filter, interact and view its breakdown with a click. The dashboard thus ‘with no trouble’ monitors and depicts the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your business.

Income Vs Expense And Top 5 Incomes And Expense
Top 10 Customers By Sale And Overdue

Intuitive Dashboard

Accoxi's Dashboard is mainly aligned to have your maximum attention with charts, widgets, pivot tables, table view components, and other graphical representations. This will give users an Eagles vision in comprehending and a better understanding of your business

Ready Overview of your Business Analytics

Using prebuilt Accoxi online metrics, you will have cash statements that will clearly indicate the cash in hand, incoming and outgoing cash flow statement, total receivables, and total payables with an overdue breakup, etc. which in other terms is the overview of the Income and Expenses of your organization.

Analysis Of Payment Receivables
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