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Monitoring Business Performance

Visualize and analyze your business performance through an interactive dashboard in Accoxi. A dashboard that regularly screens Business Performance

Organized Dashboard

Accoxi has a ‘drag & drop’ designed dashboard which has the capability of consolidating multiple reports into a capsule model. The dashboard design is made so flexible that it can contain images inserted, texts formatted, widgets and web components, etc. The dashboard thus ‘with no trouble’ monitors and depicts the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Business Performance Dashboard
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Visually Challenging Dashboards

Dashboards and reports are mainly aligned to have a maximum of your attention with charts, widgets, pivot tables, table view components, and other graphical representations. This will want you to stay on the pages for better comprehension and lesser time requirements.

Ready Overview of Income & Expenses

Using prebuilt Accoxi online metrics, you will have cash statements that will clearly indicate the cash in hand, incoming and outgoing cash flow statement, total receivables, and total payables with an overdue breakup, etc. which in other terms is the overview of the Income and Expenses of your organization.

Accoxi Dashboard Quick Glance

Purchase and Sales Indicator

13(3) Purchase And Sales Indicator

How often do you need reports on your purchases and sales? As one of the best invoicing software, Accoxi can provide you daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually generated Purchase and Sales reports. Accoxi also comes with the additional benefit of representing the Purchase and Sales reports with the help of pivotal charts.

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