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Managing Credit/Debit Adjustment

Credit Note &Debit Note Screens for Credit and Debit Note Adjustments

Credit Note Creation (1)


Initially, you need to create a Credit/Debit note


Accoxi makes the appropriate adjustments in the Credit/Debit note based on the invoice feedbacks. Autonomously, Accoxi notifies the adjustment to be made in the Credit Note for Customers and Debit Note for Suppliers.

Credit Note Adjust
Credit Note Refund


If the customer is eligible for Refunds, the same may be managed based on the Refund inputs you have. This also applies to the Refund amount due from the Supplier to you.


Any time the user can access the Credit/Debit adjustment history for any clarifications to be made. History holds data of all the Credit/Debit adjustments made till date for the users’ reference.

Credit Note History
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