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Customer & Supplier Management

In ACCOXI, you can add customers & suppliers involved in your business. For creating sales & purchase transactions like invoices, bills, Purchase Sales Orders, etc. you will have to add customers and suppliers.

Supplier & Customer (1)

Customer & Supplier Info Page

The customer/Supplier info page allows users to access the complete details of each of their customers/suppliers. Users will be able to get all the transaction and statement details through this form.

Customer Info Page
Customer Payment

Customer Receivables Management

Payments received in ACCOXI deal with the receipt of payments from the customers for the occurred sales. It also includes any advance payments made by customers and setting off opening balances. Online customer payment with accounting online software Accoxi enables the following features.

Supplier Payments Management

In Accoxi, the user can make payment to the Suppliers towards the purchase of goods and services. By using the Payment Made option, users can search all the payments made and can identify the canceled payments separately.

Payments Made Search
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