Delivery Challan

A Delivery challan or Delivery Slip is a document that is created while sending goods between places which may or may not results in actual sales. It contains the details of the items shipped, the number of goods, delivery address, etc. e.g. sending goods from one godown to another then we issue a Delivery Challan

Delivery Challan

Delivery Challan In Accoxi

Delivery challan in Accoxi enables the user to create challan while goods are delivered from one place to another. Delivery challan is not an actual sales invoice but if ACCOXI user wants to convert it into a sales invoice then it can be done so easily.

Only one click is needed to convert Delivery Challan into a sales invoice

It is easy for the conversion of delivery challan into a sales invoice.


Easy marking of Delivery Challan

Users can mark their delivery challan as delivered, returned, or cancelled.

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