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We make price estimation simpler for you…

Making the first steps simpler makes everything else easy, just like the Accoxi way of Price Estimates creation.

Accoxi Sales Estimate

Easy way of making Price Estimate

Estimate is created right on spot with necessary details like contact information, item details along with the prices that are already previously saved in Accoxi.

Customize the Estimates for easy Understanding

Estimates can be customized using your company specific quotes and templates. The user can update the estimate with the required details alongside company logo and a theme that perfectly reflects your business/organization.

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Sales Estimate View Form

Any time Access For Every Estimates Created till Date

The user will never lose track of the discounts and negotiations of any estimates and can access it any time from the Estimate History section. Accoxi maintains a perfect Estimate database for the ease of the users’ reference.

Quick Conversion of Estimates to Easy Invoices

On clients’ acceptance, the user can immediately turn the estimates into invoices, thus saving the users from entering the same details twice.

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