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Safe Guards Your Information

Secured Data Management that terminates any unauthorized crawl-ins

16(1) Have Full Control Over Data

Have Full Control over Data

You will exercise the power to discriminate as of who should have access to your organizations’ critical data. This means that Accoxi is online accounting software that provides you with complete data control by deciding whether or not a user should be granted the permission to access data through invitation.

Online & Offline Data Safety

Data Recovery is an easy task in online accounting software like Accoxi that also is a cloud accounting software through data backups. The online data protection in Accoxi requires only your signing in the Accoxi cloud platform using a smart device and internet connectivity.

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Privacy of Your Personal Information

On mutually agreed grounds, your personal information shall be managed only for the genuine communicational purposes and never shall be ever revealed to any third person.

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Data Backups

In the event of any hardware malfunctioning or natural disasters, Accoxi rest assures that your organization’s data remains secured through backups processed across a number of servers.