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Accoxi Inventory Management

Sophisticated inventory management system with advanced inventory management options.

Accoxi Inventory Management

Easy Way To Manage Your Inventory

Track your inventory properly and restock them when it goes below the reorder level.

It Is Possible To Add Multiple Batches For A Single Product

Accoxi enables to group together the different rates of the same product into a single batch. So now it is an easy way to find out different batches created for a product.

Batch Of A Product
Inventory Price List

Customize Your Different Sales Rates Through Price Lists

A customized price list can be created for different products and can select the name of the customers to whom the sales are made at different rates.

Now It Is Easy To Identify Different Products By Adding Multiple Images

Insert multiple images for your products so you can easily identify them.

Inventory Image
Inventory Reports

Stay Updated With Your Inventory Through Different Inventory Reports

Stay Updated With Your Inventory Through Different Inventory Reports.

Configure HSN/SAC For Your Products

HSN code and SAC code can be added to your products/services based on your business turnover.

Product HSN SAC
Stock Reorder Level

Reorder Level

It is a minimum amount of an item that a firm holds in stock, such that, when a stock falls to this amount, the item must be reordered. Accoxi provides Reorder level system to the users and it enables the user to maintain the quantity of stock in hand and it enables smooth and efficient running of the business.

Stock Summary

Stock summary in ACCOXI enables the user to track their stock summary details like quantity, rate, value, consumption, closing stock, etc. It shows the summarised details of stock sold, closing stock, gross profit & details of stock consumed

Stock Summary
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