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Journal Entry View for Transactions

Break down transactions into simple journal entries


Viewing Transactions through Journal Entries

Accoxi records the day-to-day transactions in the form of journal entries, which is considered to be the basic record of business transactions. The complexity that certain transactions have can be clearly comprehended through the Journal Entry View of Transactions.

Automated Journal Entries

You do not have to spend time for creating Journal Entries of Business Transactions. It is an automated process in Accoxi and there will be timely updates of Journal Entries happening which are synchronized with Business Transactions.

Journal View
Sales Invoice Creation

Tax Scenarios Updated Always

The Journal Entry can be updated with Tax Regimes that the government introduces. The transactions are always coordinated with the latest tax updates like GST.

Quick Journal View For Your Latest Transaction

The journal view of your latest transaction can access easily in Accoxi.

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