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Loyalty management

Customer loyalty is the key determinant of happy customers and through them, it becomes a reason for an organization’s success. Accoxi is futuristic accounting software with advanced features to simplify the user's accounting needs. Accoxi provides the function of loyalty management, and forms which include Loyalty cards, Loyalty card info, Loyalty customer, and Loyalty card scheme.



There are two options available for Loyalty customer number-creation which are, automatic and manual. If the user selects automatic mode while generating a customer from the customer module this customer will be automatically created as a loyal customer and a loyalty card will be assigned to them. And user cannot create card info details in the automatic option. In the case of manual mode, users can manually create loyal customers and also can create card info details. Two options are available for the Loyalty redeem process which is after tax and before tax. Users can select any one of the options for loyalty card redeems. If the user selects an automatic option in Loyalty Customer and Number creation user needs to enter the details for automatic loyalty card generation.

Loyalty Card Creation


Accoxi provides the function of loyalty management, with point program type and it provides the features like loyalty card generation. In the Loyalty Card form, users can create various types of loyalty cards for loyalty management and can include card charges, loyalty point configuration, and card expiry rule.


In Loyalty Card Scheme, users can create various types of offers as card schemes for loyalty management and can include schemes for each card separately on the basis of date wise, product wise, and sales value.

New Loyalty Card Scheme
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