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Keep Accoxi Handy through Mobile App

You only need a smart device to access your accounts!

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Customer Activities Consolidated in Single Screen

Sales activities are difficult to keep a track of especially when you have countless sales happening on a daily basis. It is quite expected that your sales staffs fail to meet set deadlines because of the tightly packed schedules. Accoxi will arrange quick view of every relevant data you need like customer data, details of the deal, customer data history etc.

Easy Invoicing Software

Managing invoices is a heavy-duty affair. Accoxi is guaranteeing the occurrence of any cash flow issues by staying ‘into the future’ of invoices that are pending to be paid, invoices that are overdue or outstanding etc. You will have full access to the payment history, as and when required.

Easy Invoicing Mobile App
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Quick Profit-Loss Statement Generation

If you have Accoxi installed in your mobile device, then Profit-Loss Statements can be viewed at any time you want. The Accoxi app installed in your device will display further details you need like Account Balance, Incomes/Expenses, Open Invoice Amounts among other business information.

Get a Well-framed Structure for Your Business

Every business transaction and its subsequent vital details shall be voluntarily recorded by Accoxi. The categorizing of expenses and income will make your Financial Year closing and opening time easy- this means that the details that your Accoxi app is updating also includes the taxes your organization is bound to pay (like GST).

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