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Easy Bill Payments

Accoxi’s many options to pay the bills…

Purchase Invoice

Schedule Your Payments

The employees who are entitled to pay multiple bills can do it in a single transaction. The payments can be bundled together under a single scheduled payment plan so that no time is consumed for making one-by-one payments. There is also a provision to pay the suppliers batch-wise in Accoxi.

Bill-wise Payment Due Date can be viewed

Accoxi dashboard clearly illustrates the summary of your bills and purchase orders. Queuing of bills in accordance with due date of payment is made using cash flow charts, graphs and statistics. By having a clear idea of bills to be paid and remitting the same on time will increase you credibility among your suppliers and Accoxi makes sure you do!

Purchase Invoice Creation
Supplier Payemnt Screen

Partial Bill Payments Made Possible

You can make partial bill payments and Accoxi will update you about how much more amounts are to be paid and the due date for the same through alerts. You only need to enter the amount you wish to pay and the updates will follow like balance amount, due date, etc.

No Pending Payments Ever

Accoxi is your organization’s customized Bill Organizer. Accoxi will always be there to avoid any pending payments or overdue payments by making every bill traceable. You will never have to encounter missed payments or interest charges when Accoxi is around!

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