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Point Of Sale In Accoxi

Accoxi POS system empowers retailers with a user-friendly interface that aims to deliver seamless retail experiences.


Quick Billing

Quick billing is one of the important features of the POS system. Accoxi POS system helps the user to do quick billing of their transactions

Touch Screen Enabled

POS eliminates the use of a mouse and can make POS transactions with a touch screen

Point Of Sale
Counter Mapping

Manage Multiple Business Counters More Easily

Accoxi POS Counter mapping is an option to set or arrange the counter settings for POS billing. Users can set the name of the counter, machine, printer, print format, paper size, etc with this form.

Multiple Payment Support

The Accoxi POS enables multiple payment support like cash, credit/debit card, cheque, etc.

Multiple Payment Method

Integrated Loyalty Management

In Accoxi, the client can integrate their loyalty scheme with POS. By integrating Loyalty with Accoxi the client can easily redeem their customer's loyalty points

Fast Product Search

Powerful product search helps the user to search their products more effectively and efficiently.

Fast Product Search
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