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Potent Reports that backs you with Business Decisions

Your business performance is critically monitored and conveyed through 50+ strong reports

14 Powerful Reports

Accounting Software that Aids Critical Business Decisions

No more waiting for month ends to study your business performance. As an accounting software for invoice management Accoxi will dig in to the data generated by reports like Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet or Cash Flow Statement any time you need them to make critical business decision or business assessment.

14(1) Accounting Software That Aids Critical Business Decisions
14(3) Make Your Tax Commitments Less Taxing

Make Your Tax Commitments less Taxing

As a GST billing software that adheres to other tax regimes of the country, the tax reports generated by ACcoxi shall be completely in par with the tax regulations of your country. Accoxi assists with calculating the tax liability you are accountable for and the resultant tax amount you will have to remit to meet your tax commitments.

Report Customization in par with Your Business

14(2) Report Customization In Par With Your Business

Billing software handling multiple reports, it is not a problem to deal with customizing these many reports. IN order to be in par with the Business you undertake, you can fuse into the reports custom columns, formulas, text blocks, ‘drag & drop’ accounts for bringing edits to the corresponding reports. Customized reports that become the ‘face’ of your business can run updates at any given point of time that you want

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