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Purchase Search

Every Information Right at Your Fingertip

Any information that you need like Contacts, Transactions, etc. can be retrieved from the respective databases of Accoxi by simply entering the info keywords that you are searching for in the Search Tabs. For example, you can use keywords like contacts, bills, quotes, purchase orders, bank transactions, or similar keywords for limiting your search

Swift Task Achievement

Accoxi has the provision of searching powered by shortcuts. This makes things easy for the user by quickly opening the frequently searched screen/information through shortcuts. The user will not have to navigate between the tasks, he can simply Add (+) New Contact, Invoice, Bill, Quote, Sales Order, Purchase Order, etc.

Sales Search
Quick Search

Dashboard Search Option

The dashboard holds Search options like Invoices, Bills, and Expenses, etc. of all Money Transactions except for those money transactions that have a pending due date. Older Sales and Purchases can be obtained from their respective dashboards.

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