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Purchase Order

Know what, when, and at what cost of purchased items…

Purchase Orders

Logbook of Every Order Details

No more possible transaction differences once you have Accoxi. There will be the unblemished depiction of every detail in a Purchase Order such as Ordered Item(s), Purchase Price, and Vendor Details, etc.

Purchase Order View

Conversion of Purchase Orders into invoices

No time of yours or the vendors’ is wasted as Accoxi has the provision for quickly and accurately converting Purchase Orders into Invoices

Have the Rightful Understandings of Purchases

Always have firsthand information about the Top Vendor in your list, most frequently purchased products, etc. that get added on in the transactional history of Purchases which in turn makes way for your easy references in the future.

New Purchase Order

Integrating into Different Communication Channels

You can share the Purchase Order details with third parties by integrating and sharing it in other communication platforms like E-mails. This will aid in sharing Purchase Order in a faster pace.

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