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Recurring Sales & Purchase Creation

Set your Accoxi account on par with Sales/Purchases Recurring

Frequent Notifications

Accoxi will remind you of Recurring Sales and Purchase Invoices that occur on a recurring basis through Frequent Notifications. There will be monthly or the time-period wise alert of the Sales/Purchase Invoices. The draft invoices shall be created by Accoxi that can be easily converted into Original Invoices by the user in no time.

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Customize Accoxi based on Recurring Sales/Purchase

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It generally happens that your business has many sales and purchases recurring on a frequent basis, especially if you are running a huge business. Make less time consumed for making those Sales and Purchases that happens on a Recurring basis. Based on the recurring Sales/Purchases, customize your Accoxi for reducing the time and effort required for the same. There will be a large fraction of work load saved for you when Accoxi is customized based on the recurring Sales/Purchase occurring.

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