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Smart Notifications that Leaves you with No Jobs Pending

We know you are busy with your accounting activities. Accoxi will remind you about all the ‘set aside’ jobs.

Forgot your chores? Not to Worry! Accoxi will remind you…

Notifications are reminders to alert you what is to be done next. Accoxi too has Smart Notifications that helps you in informing the users about an occurrence or significant activity that has happened in your organization. These alerts will inform the employees of what they should know without even having to walk between places or desks.

Notification Options

An Inventory Management Software which subsets Stock Management

Does your company need a separate alert for Stock Management? One of Accoxi’s Smart Notification feature is the Stock Notifications. You will be issued with smart alerts regarding Reordering stock levels and Zero stock levels. Your company will thus never fail to be ‘IN STOCK’ as the Smart Notifications will signal you right on time!

No Stock Will Go Out Of Stock

Once Accoxi users set a reorder level for their different stocks then, it notifies when the stock goes below the said level.

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No More Outstanding Payments!

In busy schedules, it is fairly usual that your company misses out to collect outstanding payments. But with Payment Due Notification in Accoxi, the user shall be timely notified of the payments that are due from the customers. The user will have a clear indication of which all customers have to pay, along with the amount that they owe to your company in just a click!

Payment Due Notificstion
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