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Invite Unlimited Users

How Many users are allowed? Unlimited!

12 Invite Unlimited Users (Unlimited Users)

Set the Access Level for Your Users

You can invite as many users as you want and the discretion of what all the users should have access to rests with you. You can decide if the user is to be provided with full access, read-only access, restricted, or no access. This setting of access level can be either practiced either throughout the application or by restricting access to different areas.

User Types
12(2) Custom Made Menu Permissions

Custom-made Menu Permissions

If you have no/restricted entry to a particular menu, you can avail the permission to access the same from an authorized supervisor. The requisite permission to access a menu shall be indicated and displayed to you as a message. The authorized person can also decide whether or not to edit your access level as circumstances demand.

Advanced Custom Settings

Authorized persons can grant access to Menu Permissions of high significance to the users which shall be subjected to scrutinized discretions of that person. However, the authorized persons will be alerted with certain facts to keep in mind while granting permission in certain specific areas which is clearly mentioned in the app.

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