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Set Access Levels based on Different Users

User Management easy like never before. Assign who should’ve access to do what at your discretion.

Send out User Invitations to All Your Business Associates

Need to invite users? Send the invitation to as many users as you must. The invited users will have a unique set of Login ID and Password for logging into the application. Once the users are in, you will have control over assigning the users with their corresponding user roles. You and the users will have a perfect picture of what each of them is expected to carry out.

User Types Creation

Set Your Users’ Permission Levels for Various Invoice Access

Accoxi makes sure of the security through scrutinized steps like entitling Menu Permissions and Report Permissions to specific users or groups of users, making sure that the access is allowed to specific data for specific users.

Got any Doubts? Refer the Transaction History Database of Every User Ever!

Would it not be fitting to have the entire database of what each user has done? You will have Transaction History in Accoxi that depicts what each user was entitled with, thus minimalizing any possible errors. Whenever there is the slightest update/change or even cancellation happening in a transaction, Accoxi will detect the user responsible for the occurrence of that alteration.

Invoice History
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