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GSTR 11 Format – Details to Know

January 05, 2022

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GSTR 11 Format – Details to Know


GSTR 11 is a GSTR form that has to be filed by registered taxpayers who have been issued a unique identification number (UIN) for getting tax credits or refunds under GST for the purchases they made in India. Based on the GSTR 11 filing, GST refunds would be processed by the tax regime.  GSTR-11 Form is a statement of inward supply of goods or services or both received by Unique Identity Number (UIN) holders. 


GSTR 11 consists of 4 sections :


  1. UIN: Unique Identification Number is a special identification number given to some notified bodies by the GST regime.


  1. Name of the person having UIN: Under this section, the name of the taxpayer would get auto-populated at the time of filing the return.


GSTR-11 1



  1. Details of inward supplies received: You are required to furnish here the GSTIN number of the suppliers. While filing the GSTIN number, the data would get auto-populated from the GSTR 11 return form. 


GSTR-11 2


  1. Refund amount – The refund amount would get auto-calculated here. You are required to furnish the bank details for the credit of such refund into your bank account.GSTR-11 3


After all the details are provided correctly in the GSTR 11 in accordance with the GSTR 11 format, the taxpayer is needed to sign a declaration regarding the authenticity of the information given under different heads by means of the digital signature certificate (DSA) or Aadhar based signature verification.


GSTR-11 5

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