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Planning To Upgrade Your Loyalty Platform? Here’re 10 Areas of Focus

May 11, 2022

Planning To Upgrade Your Loyalty Platform Here’Re 10 Areas Of Focus


Would you like To Upgrade Your Loyalty Platform? Focus on these areas


Indeed a new platform could enhance its brand perception, keep up its relevance intact and provide an accurate personal experience to customers.

The new loyalty program solution is a kind of technology migration that causes end-to-end changes. So it is obvious that the IT team may face challenges in the way of a migration plan, and here are some suggestions to protect it from pitfalls.


  • The plan


Unless you have the right strategy, your plan would be a flop. Try to keep the following things before planning the re-platforming project.




  • Different aspects of the loyalty program of competitors offer value to the customers.


  • Defects of the current program.


  • Check the differences between the points program and the referral program.


  • Organization capacity to introduce VIP tiers.


  • The difficulty level of Reward points


  • Whether the customers need any changes in redemption thresholds


  • How far your loyalty program represents your brand identity.


  • Take into consideration the possibility of introducing structural changes in loyalty programs.


Consumer behaviors are influenced by various factors and constantly get changed. So migration gives you an opportunity to make changes. 


  • Project communication plan


Mostly, managers keep first-level employees in the dark as they design and implement new software. In fact, these employees handle the bulk of the customers, and the last-minute rush to implement the software results in the poor performance of the employees. So it is inevitable to have a project communication plan for the employees and make them aware of the expectations with the deadline.



  • Effect of the migration


Even though loyalty programs are regarded to be part of a firm’s marketing strategy, it causes many changes in many divisions. So various employees have to get equipped with the strategy to manage well. Thus divisional managers have to provide the required training to those employees to make the upgrade in the loyalty program successful.



  • Document dependency


One of the prominent tasks performed by developers during loyalty solution up-gradation is the migration of software dependencies. So, consistently documenting dependencies and creating their comprehensive inventory is vital.



  • Data migration strategy


If the customer loses his rewards and points as a part of the migration, it would be intolerable for him to proceed with the firm. So the migration to a new software should be meticulous as it has to be ensured that the data migration never causes any loss of data. So adequate measures have to be taken to ensure the protection of data meanwhile you go for a migration strategy.


  • Relaunch your campaign


It has to be conveyed to your customer base regarding the new loyalty program, then only you would be able to strengthen your customer base intact.


  • Keep your customers informed


It is quite natural to have our customers confused over the new loyalty program. So their concerns have to be appropriately addressed without any fault.


  • Get on with the best technology partner


          Upgrading a loyalty program is also a part of technological transformation and your success is partly dependent on the flexibility of the technology. So never take chances in choosing the partner for that.



Nowadays, it is the order of the day that the firms plan migration or loyalty program up-gradation to save costs and resources, enhance productivity, make the system secured, etc.





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