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Set Up an Online Store: A Guide to Moving Your Business From Offline to Online

July 04, 2022

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Set Up an Online Store: A Guide to Moving Your Business From Offline to Online


The pandemic has forced us to redefine the frontiers of life that were considered to be impossible earlier. So people tend to go for the online mode of purchase than offline as they used to be in the past. So unless you are keeping a checklist with you regarding online business, the future would never be bright for you.


So here we give you the right guide to move your business online successfully.



Steps to launch a business online 



The following are the steps to be taken if you really want to reap benefits from your business.

  • Go for the right eCommerce platform 
  • opt a domain name for your business 
  • Identify the products you want to sell online 
  • keep stock of products and inventories
  • Get clear of your legal side
  • Get your product information updated 
  • Design  your website 
  • Make an attractive content for your website 
  • Choose the best payment methods 
  • Partner with the right shipping partners 
  • Announce your move to online



Go for the right e-commerce platform



 Full-fledged content management system is the main requirement if you want to move your business from offline to online. The whole success story of your business depends on the efficacy of your eCommerce platform. 


So choose a platform that would ensure a smooth transition of your business onto an online platform


Keep in mind these things while you choose your eCommerce platform:



  • Recognize the requirements of your business.
  • Educate yourself about the features that you would like to give to your audience.
  • Research on a platform that offers similar functionalities.
  • Assess the resources at your disposal.
  • Try for a free trial of the e-commerce platform before you swing into action.



Opt for a  domain name to go on for your eCommerce platform


Soon after you decided to set up an e-commerce platform, it is essential to have a domain name as the next step. It is to be ensured that the domain name you choose does not make any sort of confusion among your customer and it is preferable to select the one which is similar to your offline store.


Tips to be in mind while choosing a domain name:


  • Keep the same brand name for online and offline stores
  • Try to use preferably .com
  • Get rid of hyphens or numbers
  • Don't use trademarked domains


Do thorough scrutiny of your product


You should have a clearcut understanding of your products before you go offline. Then do research to ascertain the online presence of the product and determine the target audience.



Make a product stock list and plan inventory


You should meticulously keep track of the sales made and plan inventories accordingly. It could the availability of your products easily.


Some things to keep in mind


  • Make a common list of all the products for sale
  • Scrutinize inventory in case you have it in multiple locations.
  • Update your inventories
  • Equip with an inventory management system
  • Regular review of the sales data



Get cleared of your legal side



Before moving online you should sort out all legal formalities and ensure that nothing comes in your way. Take care of Company or LLP Registration, GST Registration, Bank account, Payment gateway, and Legal documents.



Provide the precise product information



As you move online, your product should convey the proper information to your customers through various means such as pictures and videos. By providing pictures of your product from various perspectives you could ensure that your customers get acquainted with your product easily. Videos of the product can also make a big impact in customer retention too.


Plan your website and work out a user-friendly design for that


After moving through all these things, you have to design a website for your online business that caters to your potential customers in a hassle-free manner. So the pages and the design have to be in accordance with that. List out the required functionalities properly and convey them to your designers clearly.



Make your website awesome with its contents


It is vital to have your content unique, and attractive that also conveys the messages properly. It is recommended to have a well-versed content team for the sake of and brief them on exactly what is it meant for.

In addition to Home pages, other pages such as the product page, terms, and conditions, etc should be error-free and attractive.



Payment Method 


The next step is to decide on the payment mode. Look into the payment mode your customers were used to during offline purchases and implement a payment mode that is feasible and common.





Unless you are on the right track to transforming your business online, it would be a futile attempt. So, go through the steps mentioned above properly, apply them, and make your online business a successful venture.

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