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How to Generate Consolidated E-way Bills?

May 17, 2021

How To Generate Consolidated E Way Bills

How to Generate Consolidated E-way Bills?

Consolidated eWay bill GST(EWB-02) contains the details regarding various eWay bill consignments. If you are a supplier, transporting multiple consignments in a single vehicle, you could avail the facility of consolidated eWay bill as per the eway bill rules through eway bill generation. For availing this facility, you should make eway bill generation at step 1. We have already discussed how to make eway bill and how to generate eWay bill in an earlier article.

Prerequisite for E-Way Bill Generation

  • Eway bill GST Registration is mandatory
  • Challan/bill/ invoice related to the transported goods must be at your disposal in hand.
  • Transporter ID / Vehicle No for goods plying on the road and transporter id, document no, and the date if the consignment is by rail, air, ship.
  • In addition, all the individual e way bills must be kept for plying consignment in a single-vehicle.

How to Generate Consolidated E-way Bills?

Step 1: Log in to the EWB portal and make individual eWay bill generation.

Step 2: Click on ‘Generate new’ under ‘consolidated EWB’ on the left of your dashboard.

Consolidated  E way bill Generation -step1

Step 3:  Details required in this step:

  • Choose ‘Mode of transport ; rail / road /air / ship.
  • Choose ‘From state ‘ from the dropdown.
  • In the space of ‘vehicle starts from, enter the place from where the goods are being transported.
  • Add vehicle no:
  • Add Eway bill  no ( other fields would be auto-filled based on it )

Provide the details and click on ‘submit

Consolidated E way bill generation - Step 3

Then Eway bill in form EWB 02 with a unique 12 digit number is generated. Print and carry it with the consignment for transporting the goods.

How to Print the Consolidated E-way Bill?

Step 1: You may click on ‘Print EWB’ under the ‘Consolidated EWB ‘ option.

Step 2: Enter your eWay bill GST Number in the space provided and click on ‘Go’

Print E way Bill

Step 3:  Click on the print as it appears.

How to Regenerate Consolidated E-way Bills?

Transporters could also update their vehicle details for the consolidated eWay bill as per eWay bill rules. Click on the ‘Regenerate ‘ option under the consolidated EWB option.

Regenerate Consolidated E way Bill

You can either choose the consolidated eWay bill no or generated date of the consolidated way bill and click on ‘go’.

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