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What is GSTR 8?

September 13, 2021

What Is Gstr8 (1)

With respect to GSTR 8 meaning, it is a Goods and Service Tax Return that has to be filed by an e-commerce operator on a monthly basis.


What is GSTR 8?

GSTR 8 is a GST return that is to be filed by the e-commerce operator who needs to deduct TCS (Tax Collected at Source) under GST. GSTR 8 includes the supply details done through the eCommerce platform by both registered and unregistered persons, customer’s basic information, and TCS amount collected on such supplies.


Who should file GSTR 8?

 All GST registered e-commerce operators are required to file  Ecommerce GST via GSTR 8 returns. GST Act defines the e-commerce operator as a person who owns or handles a digital or electronic facility or electronic platform like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. All such eCommerce operators have to mandatorily get a GST registration as well as registered for TCS.


Who is classified as an e-commerce operator?

An E-commerce operator is a person who owns or handles digital platforms for electronic commerce such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc. Through the eCommerce platform, sellers could reach out to a large customer base. It is also beneficial for the customers as they gain access to multiple sellers and competitive prices for the products.


When to file GSTR8?

  • The GSTR 8 for a specific month could be filed upon the completion of the month.
  • The last day for filing GSTR 8 returns is before the 10th of the succeeding month.


For filing GSTR 8 returns :

  • You have to be a registered taxpayer under the GST with a 15 digit PAN-based GSTN.
  • The aggregate turnover of your business has to be more than 20 lakh rupees ( 10 lakh in NE India)
  • You should be an eCommerce operator with an online market platform, where other traders make selling to customers.
  • GSTR 8 is applicable to all taxpayers under GST  who neither opt for the composition scheme nor have a unique identification number (UIN). This is not applicable to non-resident taxpayers.
  • You need to track the details of all taxes collected at source by you for the transactions that are done through your marketplace.


Why is GSTR8 significant?

GSTR 8 returns indicate the supply details done through the eCommerce platform and the TCS amount collected on such supplies. In terms of TCS applicability, the supplier could take the input credit of that TCS deducted by the eCommerce operator. The TCS amount would be shown in Part C of Form GSTR 2A  of the supplier.


Penalty for not filing GSTR8 before the due date?

Unless GSTR 8 is filed on time, a penalty of Rs 100 under CGST and Rs 100 under SGST would be imposed per day. The total would be Rs 200 /Day. The maximum penalty is Rs 5000. In case of delay in filing, no late fee on IGST  is imposed.

18 % interest per annum has to be paid in addition to the late fee. It should be assessed by the taxpayer on the tax to be paid. The time period would be the next day of filing to the payment date.


How to revise GSTR 8?

After filing GSTR8, it cannot be revised. The mistakes made in the returns could be revised in the next month’s return. For example, in case of a mistake made in October GTSR 8, the correction could be made in November GSTR 8 or in later months as the error is recognized.


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