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How to choose the right eCommerce Platform for your business?

June 09, 2022

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How to choose the right eCommerce Platform for your business? 


Ecommerce has been ruling the roost of business over the last decade. In case you have something to sell or some services, you could capitalize on the wide avenues of one of the best e-commerce platforms to enhance your sales online and increase your revenue.

Ecommerce platforms are software applications that help business entities to conduct their commercial transactions or manage their business by means of the internet. In short, it means buying or selling anything online. Irrespective of the extent of business you own, you could definitely enhance your sales and revenues by utilizing the digital avenues offered by the best online business platform in India.


Know about the different types of  e-commerce platforms:


Before you proceed to go on with the right and the best e-commerce platform for your business, you should get a clear-cut understanding of different types of platforms.

  1. Build your own platform


Here you are required to assign a developer internally or externally to develop an e-commerce platform. But these are very less to be used by businesses these days. However, if your business is needed to have a unique set of requirements, you have few options other than building your own platform



  1. Traditional platforms


Through traditional platforms, you need to buy an upfront license fee that could be renewed annually. A team of developers and IT professionals would build a customized platform and install it on-premises or in the cloud.



  1. Open source platforms


Open source platforms are also similar to traditional platforms with respect to development procedures. The core difference is that no upfront cost is to be made as you buy the license. But you still need to pay for implementation, initial and ongoing development, migration upgrades, and so on.



  1. Cloud platforms 


Cloud e-commerce platforms outsource remote servers hosted on the internet to utilize application services and store and process data. Many traditional and open-source platforms use cloud hosting systems and call themselves cloud platforms.



  1. SaaS platforms 


Saas platform is built on a single code base. SaaS ( Software as a service) offers the same technology with a fixed monthly for security, server use, upgrades, and maintenance.


How does an e-commerce platform work?



An e-commerce platform is a software application that helps a business to sell its products and services online. It also enables the business to manage its website, sales, marketing, and other operations. 

In earlier days, setting up an e-commerce platform for business was expensive and required to have a team of IT professionals. But as the technology advanced, plenty of user-friendly software evolved, and utilizing an e-commerce platform like Zelloz or an online store builder was not much of a difficult task for any business these days.



Things to be considered while choosing an e-commerce platform



As there are plenty of e-commerce platforms to choose from, some factors have to be reckoned with before you choose one of the best e-commerce platforms.



  1. Convenient & easy shop set up : 


Prefer a platform that is easy and convenient to set up. Be careful about the templates as they could make your product a unique brand and it helps to manage yourself without outside help.



  1. Easy navigation and secured mode of payment :


None would be comfortable navigating a website that is outdated and gives an unpleasant experience. These days online shoppers anticipate having a seamless experience that is fast and smart. So try to choose a platform that offers a good customer experience once in terms of easy navigation. When it comes to the matter of payments, it is to be ensured that the e-commerce platform that chooses provides you high secured payment options because customers’ payment details and security cannot be compromised.  It also checks to make sure that the platform supports HTTPS/SSL for a safe and secure checkout for your customers. 

  1. SEO Friendly : 


Unless your product or service is ranked high in search results, the probability of getting more sales and customers would get diminished. So it is very important that an e-commerce platform should be chosen on that basis.



  1. Mobile friendly:


          Nowadays, people mostly shop by means of their smartphones. So the success of any product depends on the way it is pitched for sales. So customer interaction must be easy and mobile-friendly.



  1. Scalability :


You may begin by setting up a small online shop now but that would never be like that once and for all. You would definitely expect that your business would grow and expand over time. So scalability of an e-commerce solution accordingly is also significant. So prefer to choose the best eCommerce platform for small businesses.


  1. Analytics: 


If you really wish to make it big from small in your business, you should always monitor your performance. So the best e-commerce platform could offer the best set of analytics that could potentially enhance your business.


  1. Integration: 


Integration with social media platforms is vital as it allows you to sync your products to these social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. So your product catalogs could be used here for promoting your products. Besides, integration is possible with your existing e-commerce CRM sales and marketing platform or you'll need it in the future.



  1. Price :


Before you commit to any e-commerce platforms, weigh all options and keep your budget in mind. So choose the best eCommerce platform for a start-up with respect to pricing.



As we move into the technology-induced era and all businesses move online, it is extremely important to choose among the best e-commerce platforms or the best online store platforms to grow your business in tandem with the time.

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