How To Record Bank Withdrawal in Accoxi?

Bank withdrawal means withdrawal of money from the bank account and the user can record it separately in Accoxi.

Bank Withdrawal

Bank Withdrawal

A withdrawal involves removing funds from a bank account, savings plan, pension, or trust. Bank withdrawal means withdrawal of money from your bank account at a bank. In acooxi the user can record the bank transactions like bank deposits and withdrawals. It helps the user to handle banking and business activities more effectively. Bank withdrawal means withdrawal of money from the bank account and the user can record it separately in accoxi.

How To Record Bank Withdrawal in Accoxi? (English)

This video explains about how to record bank withdrawal in Accoxi. Accoxi is a best Accounting Software in India which enables the user to record various bank transactions like bank deposits and withdrawals. Here users can record the Bank withdrawal information separately in the cloud accounting software, Accoxi which enhance your business activities.

Bank Withdrawal

Key Features of Bank withdrawal

  • It enable the user to record all kind of bank withdrawals.
  • User can select instrument type like cash, cheque, DD, bank transfer etc.
  • It helps the user to select the bank account or can create new bank.
  • User can add multiple number of withdrawals with in same bank and can enter narration, party name in the withdrawal form.
  • It enable the user to save the withdrawal as draft or as voucher.


Steps to add a withdrawal transactions to Accoxi

  • Click on the Accounts module
  • Select Banking and then click on Bank withdrawal
  • Withdrawal form opens
  • Enter the details
  • Click on save.

New Bank Withdrawal



Reference number

Reference number helps the user to identify withdrawals in records. It will be automatically appear on the withdrawal voucher and the user can’t edit the reference number.  

Instrument type

User need to select the instrument type that using for bank withdrawal. It includes cash, bank transfer, cheque etc. The user needs to enter the instrument number, instrument date and bank name in the case of every instrument type payment excluding cash payment.


Party name

User can use this field to enter the party name.


From bank account

User can select bank account on this field. If the user want to create a new bank with a bank name, then it can be done with the help of + icon.


Bank name

If the user select instrument type cash, then no need to enter the bank name. If any other instrument type is taken, then the user can add the bank details.


Instrument number

The user can add the instrument number     


Instrument date

The instrument date can be selected.



Here user can add additional explanation regarding the transaction.


To Account

User need to select the ledger name on this field. 


Enter the withdrawal amount on the amount field.

Save as Draft

After enter the withdrawal details, user can save the withdrawal voucher as draft. If the user select the draft format, then the user can select it from the accounts transactions and can verify it again or can edit before it saves as voucher.


Saves as Voucher

User can save the created withdrawal form as voucher by clicking the menu Save as Voucher.  


Clear menu is for clear or removing the entire data that is entered by the user.                         


Exit menu is used to go to the previous page without saving the payment made form.

After saving the withdrawal form, Accounts Search page will appear on the screen, saved form will appear on Accounts Search and user can view or edit the created withdrawal form.

Accounts search includes various menus and it shows all kind of transactions details here.  It shows the transaction date, transaction type, ref no, debit ledger, credit ledger, amount and the status.

Frequently Asked Questions?

01How do I make a Bank Withdrawal?

  • Go to Accounts Module =>select Bank Withdrawal option.
  • By clicking on the Bank Withdrawal option, it opens in to Banking Withdrawal form.
  • Enter instrument type, instrument no, instrument date, party name etc
  • Select the bank account
  • Give narration to the transaction
  • Enter the “from account” where the cash is going out from bank and enter amount and save as voucher

02Where can I view the Bank Withdrawal created?

The Bank Withdrawal vouchers are clubbled to Transactions Form under Accounts Module.

03How do I save Bank Withdrawal as draft?

  • Go to Accounts Module => Banking Withdrawal
  • Enter necessary data
  • Click on save as draft option at the bottom of the page
  • User can save the withdrawal voucher as draft for further alterations and can convert to voucher later

04How do I delete an entry in the Banking Withdrawal?

You cannot delete a transaction once created. The voucher can only be cancelled.

05How do I add new ledger in Banking Withdrawal window?

  • Go to Accounts Module => Banking Withdrawal
  • Use the + button near to the “From Bank Account” column to add new ledger.
  • After adding a ledger open the withdrawal form tab and refresh the “From Bank Account”,option inorder to view the currently added new ledger.

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