Supplier Route in Accoxi

Supplier Route management in Accoxi


In Accoxi, the Supplier route enables the user to assign a particular route to their suppliers to set a proper supply chain. Proper supplier route planning helps users access their suppliers easily and procure goods without any delay. Supplier route in Accoxi helps the user to assign routes to their suppliers. Users can set these routes while creating suppliers and can also generate route-wise party reports.

Supplier Route in Accoxi

Key features:

  • The supplier route in Accoxi allows user to create a supplier route
  • Route creation helps the user to maintain a proper supply chain.
  • Easy supplier management
  • User can easily active or inactive a particular route

To access the supplier route form:

  • Click on Purchase Section 
  • Select Supplier route

Supplier Route

Supplier Route

Data available in Supplier Route Table




Serial number of data in the table

Route Name

The particular Supplier Route name


Remarks relating to  Supplier Route if any,


It shows active or inactive  Supplier Route


User can edit the particular Route name


Menus available in Supplier Route:

Menus Available In Supplier Route Search Screen

1. Filter option

Filter options in the Supplier route enable the user to filter a particular route name. user can click the filter drop-down list or enter the route name on the search option

2. Refresh button

If the latest data is not displayed then click on the refresh button

3. Add a New option

Add new option enables the user to create a new Supplier route


 Steps to create a new Supplier route

  • Click on the Supplier route under the Purchase section
  • Click on the add new button
  • Enter the new Supplier route information in the “Route Name” field
  • Enter any remarks if any,
  • Click save button

New Supplier Route

4. Export option

  • User can export their data in excel format
  • Click on the export menu and the user can select the location and save the data

5. Edit option

If the user wants to make any changes related to the supplier route, it can be done through the edit option.

By clicking on the edit option user can make changes to the route name and remarks

6. Color Filter

On the status menu, the red color indicates the details of the inactive supplier route

7. Pagination control

It controls the page navigation and the page size. Page size can be set to 10, 20, 50 & 100. While clicking on the Go Button (>) user can jump to the said page.


Frequently Asked Questions?

01How do I filter Supplier Route?

  • Click on the Purchase section → select Supplier Route
  • Filter option is available near the supplier search bar
  • Users can filter it by entering Route Name. Either you can give any of the said criteria directly into the search bar near the filter option or by clicking the filter down arrow option you can give the details into the fields directly.

02How can I create a new supplier Route?

  • Click on the Purchase section → select Supplier Route
  • On the right side click on the ‘+ Add New’ option
  • Enter the Route Name and provide Remarks if any
  • Then click Save

03How do I Edit an existing supplier route?

  • Click on the Purchase section → select Supplier Route
  • On the right side click on the edit option
  • Users can edit Route Name and Remarks if needed

04How can I export supplier Route data?

  • Click on the Purchase section → select Supplier Route
  • Click on the Export button at the top right corner near the +Add New button. Select the file location and click on save

05Is there any supplier route available?

Yes users can access route wise party reports from the report section

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