Cheque Template In Accoxi

A cheque template serves as a predefined layout with designated spaces for key details, streamlining the process of cheque creation.

Cheque Templates

Cheque Template

A cheque template is a pre-designed or standardized format for creating cheques. Cheques are financial instruments used for making payments, and a template provides a consistent layout and structure for the information that needs to be included on a cheque. Cheque template customization in Accoxi allows users to personalize the design and layout of their cheques to meet specific branding or business requirements.

Menus Available




Cheque Format

All cheque formats that have been created will appear here.

Create New Format

When you click on the "Create New Format" button, a popup screen will appear, allowing the user to input the name of the cheque format.

Upload Image

Users can upload the image of the cheque by clicking on this.

Delete Image

To remove the uploaded image, click on this button.


Users have the flexibility to personalize attribute values for the cheque, encompassing size, date, amount in words, payee, and amount in figures.

Print Currency Symbol

To include the currency symbol in the cheque, users can enable this checkbox.


To reset to the default settings, user can use this button.


To save a new format or apply changes to an existing format, you can use the save button.


To leave the current page, user can use the exit button.

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