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Accoxi Dashboard

A data dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the health of a business, department or specific process. They are customizable to meet the specific needs of a department or company.

Key Features of Dashboard;-

  • It shows the current cash and bank balance and the user can access it anytime
  • It enables the user to identify the receivables and payables. When the user click on receivables menu, then Sales invoice details will open and payables menu will show the purchases.
  • There will be graphical representation of Income & Expenses of the firm in a Pie chart along with a column chart
  • User can select an option for graphical presentation of Income & Expenses for durations ranging monthly, weekly, quarterly etc.
  • Organization name, financial year and an over view of the business will be displayed


When the user log in to the Accoxi, dashboard will be open as the home page. It consist of various menus and shows the current status, details of income and expenses of the business organization. 



Search Accounts

Search Account is important tool in Accoxi that allows the user to search accounts or access transactions without selecting Accounts Module. When the user opens the Accoxi account, Search Accounts option will always appear on the top left side below the title bar.



By clicking on Search Accounts Menu, Accounts Search Page will display all kinds of transaction details here.  It shows the transaction date, transaction type, ref no, debit ledger, credit ledger, amount and the status of each and every transaction.  



It helps the user to get the data or access the function quickly. Ledger view and User can view are enabled. The ledger details of the transaction can be viewed by clicking on the + menu on the left side of the tab.






Cash Balance

It shows the Cash Balance details of the organization.



When the user click on the Cash Balance menu, a new tab will detailing the current cash balance detail will appear.





Bank Balance

This menu will help user to identify the balance of bank alongside the current details of bank balance.



When the user click on the Bank Balance menu, a new tab will appear with multiple bank balance details of the user.





It shows the amount details of receivables from the customers. When user click on the menu, Sales invoice details will open.





It shows the amount details of payables to the Suppliers. When the user click on the menu, Purchase invoice details will open.





If the latest data is not displayed, click on the refresh icon on the top left corner of the page to fetch the new data.




Graph chart


Dashboard shows a column graph chart which represents the comparative study of the Income and Expenditure of the firm over a particular period of time.


It shows the sum total amount of total sales of the organization. When the user click on the Sales menu, then it opens to Sales Invoice Page in Sales Module.


It shows the total amount of total purchase of the organization. When the user click on the Purchase menu, a Purchase invoice page in Purchase module opens.


Pie chart





Pie chart in dashboard shows the top 10 income and expenses of the business organization. User get the details of income and expenses separately as two options or as one as required.


User can select the required time period for Pie chart from the menu available. It includes various options and user can select the required one. Once the user selects an option, then chart of Income & Expenses will appear on the basis of selected date.  


Income chart shows the top 10 items of income along with amounts displayed in various colour formats.

Expense chart shows the top 10 expense of the business along with its amount in various color formats.