Feedback in Accoxi

It allows users to add comments or suggestions in respect of using the Cloud Accounting software.



Feedback is the information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task etc which is used as a basis for improvement.

Feedback in Accoxi

Accoxi is most modern accounting software that provides easy and deliberate results for accounting. It provides the option of create and sending Feedback by the users. It allows users to add comments or suggestions in respect of using the software.


Key Features:

  • It helps the user to share their response and experience.
  • It enable the user to inform their requirements.
  • User can add any comments like good or bad while using the software.



When the user opens the Accoxi account, Feedback icon will be always appear on the top right side near the notification menu.


By clicking on the Notification menu, a new tab of feedback form will appear on the screen.


Feedback Form




In this field the Email id of the user will automatically appear, if the user wants to change the email id, then it can be done with the field.

Mobile number

Mobile number of the user will automatically appear on the field. User can change the mobile number if require.


In the comment field, user can enter the valuable feedback, experience, requirements or anything regarding the software.


By clicking on the Submit option, the created feedback will be send to the accoxi team.