Managing Product Type Specification Allocation

Product Type Specification Allocation

Product type specification allocation in e-commerce involves categorizing and assigning specific attributes or specifications to different types of products to enhance their visibility and search ability on online platforms. This process ensures that products are appropriately labeled and organized according to their unique features, such as size, color, material, or brand. By accurately allocating product specifications, e-commerce platforms can provide users with relevant search results and filters, improving the overall shopping experience. This allocation enables customers to easily find products that match their preferences and requirements, leading to increased customer satisfaction and potentially higher conversion rates. Additionally, it helps e-commerce businesses effectively manage their product catalog and inventory, optimizing their operations for better performance and profitability.


Product Type Specification Allocation In Accoxi

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In Accoxi, the process of allocating product type specifications in e-commerce entails methodically categorizing and assigning distinct attributes or specifications to various product types featured on the platform. Accoxi allows for the creation of different product types, enabling users to define various keys and values specifying attributes and common features. Products sharing common attributes can then be associated with these created product types. This ensures that on e-commerce platforms, when customers select an item, other products with similar features are also displayed in the search list, enhancing visibility and facilitating a more convenient shopping experience.

Product Type Spec Allocation Page

Menus Available In Product Type Specifications

Menus available



1. Product Type

This dropdown offers the list of all created product types (Created within inventory module). The appropriate product type on which features are to be recorded can be selected from the dropdown.

2. Refresh

To obtain the most recent data, you can utilize the refresh button.

3. Delete Icon

To delete any created key values, this button can be used.

4. Save

To save any values, Save button can be used.

5. Clear

To clear the selected product type, this can be used.

6. Exit

To exit from the current window, you can utilize the Exit button.

 Data available




Showing serial no of row of items.


Keys related to the product type and its feature can be mentioned in this field.


The values or features to be displayed in the ecommerce platform for the selected product type can be recorded in this field.

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