How to create Item Groups in Accoxi?

By using this feature User can arrange the product group-wise.


Group in ACCOXI is used to enter the group of a product. User can arrange the product group-wise. It can be created and viewed from inventory module of the ACCOXI.


How to Create a Product Group?

Group management of inventory is integral for a business. The product group wise data can thus be fetched and statistics referred whenever necessary. The Product Group is selected from the Inventory Module of Accoxi. As an ideal inventory management software, Accoxi has the best comprehensive dashboard that positively impacts user experience.

Key features:
  • Created groups can be viewed in a single window
  • Can filter the groups according to the corresponding active and inactive status
  • Easy creation of groups without going through deep procedures.



By clicking Inventory Module and selecting group menu, user will be redirected to a GROUP window where the user will be able to view all the products group data created.

Menus Available In Group Search


The filter option in GROUP search window helps the user to filter the GROUP data shown in the window

  • Filter of GROUP search can be done in two ways-Either you can directly enter the GROUP name into the search bar near filter option or by clicking the filter drop down, you can filter the data by entering the group name and group status which is active/inactive.


A new group can be created by clicking on the new group option.


Steps to add a NEW GROUP:
  • Select inventory module and click in group option
  • Select the new group button and it will redirects the user to new group form
  • Enter group name and set the status of the group
  • Click save

New Group



Group name

To enter the name of the group here


To activate or deactivate the groups status


Shows the serials number of the data in the table

Group name in table

Shows names of previously entered group


Shows status of previously entered group data


Can be used to edit previously entered group data

Color filter

Shows inactive groups in red color so user can easily identify active and inactive groups.

Pagination Control

It controls the page navigation and the page size. Page size can be set to 10, 20, 50 or 100. By giving page number in the box and clicking on Go button, user can jump to the said page


To save the new group created save button can be used


To cancel the data entered in new group window


This button exits from whole group window.






The serial number of the data in the table is displayed here


The name of the group created is shown in this column


The status of the group is shown in here i.e. active or inactive”


If your latest data is not displayed, click on the refresh icon on the top left corner of the page to fetch the new data.


The group list can be exported to Excel format. Click on the Export button at the   top right corner near the +New button. Select the file location and click on save.


The inactive groups will be appear in the search in red color.


To edit the group data this option can be easily accessed and it will redirect the user to change the group name column and user can update group name and status of the group

7.Pagination Control

It controls the page navigation and the page size. Page size can be set to 10, 20, 50 or 100. By giving page number in the box and clicking on Go button, the user can jump to the entered page.


Below the pagination control, there is exit button. If you want to exit the group search page, click on exit button.


Frequently Asked Questions?

01How to add a new Group?

  • Go to Inventory Module-Group
  • Click on New Group.
  • Enter “Group Name”
  • Select the check box near to “Active” option if the Group is active.
  • Click on Save

02How to export the Group data?

  • Inventory Module-Group
  • Select the required data in edit mode
  • Untick the checkbox against active option and Save the Group form

03How to delete a Group?

You cannot delete Group data once created. It can only be edited.

04How to edit a data related to Group?

  • Inventory Module-Group
  • Select the required Group data in edit
  • Make necessary changes
  • Click on save button.

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