Get the details of the Loyalty Module on GST Ready Accounting Software India - Accoxi.

Loyalty Management In Accoxi


Customer loyalty serves as the primary factor influencing customer satisfaction, thereby playing a pivotal role in an organization's success. Accoxi, an innovative accounting software equipped with advanced features, aims to streamline users' accounting requirements. Within its functionalities, Accoxi offers a comprehensive loyalty management system, encompassing features like Loyalty card, Loyalty card info, Loyalty customer, and Loyalty card scheme.


Accoxi incorporates a loyalty management function featuring a point program type, including the capability for loyalty card generation. Within the Loyalty Card form, users can generate various types of loyalty cards for effective loyalty management. This includes options for card charges, loyalty point configuration, and setting card expiry rules.


The Loyalty Card Info form in Accoxi is dedicated to the creation and management of new loyalty cards and their associated information. Users have the flexibility to manually create single or multiple loyalty cards in this form. Additionally, the form allows users to track the status of cards, distinguishing between used, unused, and blocked card information.


Accoxi's Loyalty Customer form facilitates the viewing and creation of all loyalty customers. Users can access a comprehensive overview of existing loyalty customers, including their detailed data. This form also empowers users to create new loyalty customers and assign specific loyalty cards to them.


Within the Loyalty Card Scheme, users can design diverse offers in the form of card schemes tailored for effective loyalty management. This includes the ability to create schemes for individual cards based on date, product, and sales value criteria. The Loyalty Card Scheme feature provides a versatile approach to structuring loyalty incentives.

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