How to Add Opening Balance in Accoxi?

Setting up Opening Balances for your business


The opening balance represents the amount of funds in a company's account at the commencement of a new financial period. It is the initial entry in the accounts, occurring either at the inception of a company's accounting records or following a year-end. The opening balance may be on either the credit or debit side of the ledger.

Opening Balance (1)

Opening Balance

Access the Accounts menu, then click on Opening Balance, which leads to the Opening Balance page.

Opening Balance View Screen




It displays the details of all ledgers, and the information is automatically populated in the Ledger column. This column is locked, and the user cannot edit or change the name in this field.


Certain accounts carry debit balances, and businesses can add their opening balance as a debit based on the nature of their business and the account. Users are unable to edit the opening balances once transactions have commenced on the respective account.


Fill in credit balances for accounts as per the accounting rules to avoid incorrect valuations. Examples of accounts with a credit balance include liability accounts, revenue accounts, and payable accounts.


If the most recent data is not displayed, simply click on the refresh icon located at the top right corner of the page to retrieve the updated information.


The opening balance data can be exported to Excel format. Click on the export button at the bottom left corner, near the [specific location]. Select the file location and click on Save.


It displays the total figure of all the debit and credit values, and the sum total automatically appears in both fields.


It reflects the amount difference between debit and credit balances. Debit balance is indicated with (Dr), while credit balance is indicated with (Cr).


The "Save" menu is used to save the entered details and make changes to the opening balance.


The "Exit" menu is utilized to return to the previous page without saving the changes.

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