How To Create a Supplier in Accoxi?

A step-by-step guide on adding, creating, and editing suppliers in Accoxi

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A person or organization that provides something needed such as a product or service can be termed as a Supplier.The role of a supplier in a business is to provide high-quality products from a manufacturer at a good price to a distributor or retailer for resale.

How to Create/Edit/View a Supplier in Accoxi?

A person or organization that provides something needed such as a product or service can be termed as a Supplier. In this video, you will learn how to create, edit and manage a supplier in Accoxi.

Supplier In Accoxi


In Accoxi, you can add vendors that you deal with in your business. For creating purchase transactions like bills, purchase orders and purchase invoices you’ll have to add suppliers.

Key Features

  • It shows the details of all the suppliers that the user created and along with the supplier name, GST Treatment, balance of amount etc.
  • Payables and receivables are entered in it and user can easily identify both by using color format. Red color indicates the Payables and the green indicates the receivables.
  • Payment terms can be set to your suppliers
  • It enables the user to add the maximum credit limit and opening balance of the Supplier

When we click on the Supplier Module it opens into Supplier Search.

Supplier Search

Menus Available In Supplier Search Screen

Supplier search consits of various menus and it displays the details of the vendor added to the business.


Menus available in supplier search

1. Filter option:  a)Filter of supplier contact can be done in two ways-Either you can directly enter the supplier name, GSTIN, phone number into the search bar near filter option or by clicking the filter drop-down. You can filter the data by Supplier name, Phone No, Email, or GSTIN  b)There is also a sorting option available. By selecting the Order By and Sort Order, the data can be sorted into ascending or descending order. Under the order by option we have Amount and Name and Sort order can be set as ascending or descending as per our requirement.  c) By ticking the inactive dialogue box, It filters the inactive supplier details.


Filter Option In Supplier Search Screen

2. New Supplier: The new supplier button opens into supplier form where the user can add new Suppliers. Some fields are marked in red where the details are to be entered compulsorily.

Steps to create a new supplier

  • Go to Supplier Module
  • Click the + New button on top right-hand side of the page.
  • Enter the details of your vendor
  • Select the GST treatment.
  • You can add other details such as their Billing Address, Payment terms, opening balances etc
  • After entering all the details, click Save.


Supplier Creation




Supplier Name

Enter The Name Of The Supplier

Contact Name

Enter The Contact person Name


User Can Select The Currency Of The Supplier As Per The Currency Used For Transaction

Opening Balance

You Can Add The Opening Balance Of The Supplier If Any. If There Is No Opening Balance Then You Can Give "0"

Account Type


The Opening Balance Can Be Set As Credit Or Debit Amount. From The Drop Down Of  Account Type, You Can Choose The Required Field.

GST Treatment

Select The GST Treatment From Drop Down Option


 If The Supplier Is Registered Business Or under the Special Economic Zone, Enter The GSTIN Number

For The Suppliers Whose, GST Treatment Is Overseas Or Unregistered Party The GSTIN Field Becomes Inactive.



If The Supplier Is Registered Business Or under Special Economic Zone, Enter The PAN Number

For The Suppliers Whose, GST Treatment Is Overseas Or Unregistered Party The PAN Field Becomes Inactive.

Source of Supply

Based On The Supplier GST Number This Field Automatically Identifies The State. In Case Of Suppliers Who Does Not Have GST No. Like Unregistered Party Or Overseas, You Have To Choose The State From The Drop Down List.


Other Than Overseas GST Treatment, The Country Name Is Set As India. You Cannot Choose Any Other Country

If GST Treatment Is Overseas, The Country Drop Down Option Becomes Active And You Can Choose The Required Country


Other Than Overseas GST Treatment Supplier, You Can Set The State From The Drop Down Option

But The State Field Becomes Inactive For The Overseas Suppliers

Supplier Address

Enter the supplier address


Enter the city


Enter Pincode/ Zip code

Mobile No

Enter The Mobile Number


Enter The Email Id Of The Supplier

Maximum Credit limit

Here You Can Set The Maximum Credit Limit Allowed By Your Supplier. And If Your Purchases From This Particular Supplier Crosses This Limit, Warning Message Will Appear.

Payment Term

Here You Can Set The Payment Terms. And The Said Term Will Appear In The Purchase Invoice. Based On This Payment Term, The Status Of The Invoices Decided Like  Overdue, Unpaid Etc.


User Must Choose The Supplier Route Or Click On The Plus Sign On The Route Bar To Create New Supplier Route.

Supplier Type

User Can Create Supplier Globally Or Locally

Import Taxable and import Exempt

If The GST Treatment Is Overseas or SEZ, Additional Fields As Import Taxable And Import Exempt Comes. Using The Radio Button Choose Any One.


3. Export

The supplier list can be exported to Excel format. Click on the Export button at the top right corner near the +New button. Select the file location and click on save. The fields that can be seen in export file are supplier name, contact name, phone no, GSTIN, GST treatment and balance.

4. Refresh

If your latest data is not displayed, click on the refresh icon on the top left corner of the page to fetch the new data.

5. Edit

You can edit the Supplier details if required using the edit icon. By clicking this icon the supplier form opens. You can see the entered details and you can update the details as per your requirement

6. Supplier Info

Supplier Info Overview

The Overview page shows an eagles view of the supplier’s basic information and activity. A mini dashboard displaying the supplier’s balances, unused debits and payables. A graph is present showing the sale activity of the supplier.

  • History of transactional activity done between the supplier and the organization can be viewed on the bottom right side of the page. It shows the purchase transactions and payments history made to the supplier.
  • The Edit option redirects the user to the edit page of the supplier to change and edit supplier details.
  • The +New Transaction feature allows user to conduct all types of purchase transactions, issuance of debit note etc. for the specified Supplier.
  • The more option grants the user to either inactivate the supplier, or send mail to the supplier.

Supplier Info Transactions

The Transaction tab displays a detailed list of transaction done to the supplier and the user can filter the transactions with the drop down option. User can also view the invoice from the view option.

Supplier Info Overview

The statement module produces a statement regarding the invoice and payment made to the supplier with date, transaction type, Details, Amount, Payments and balance. A statement is shown with the suppliers balance due after all transactions shown.

User can Filter the Statement based on timeframes and can email, print or save as PDF from the options present in the bottom left corner.


7. Colour Filter

The closing balance of the supplier is represented either in red or green to denote payable or receivable.

If the supplier is inactive, the supplier details are shown in red colour

8. Pagination Control

It controls the page navigation and the page size. Page size can be set to 10, 20, 50 or 100. And by giving page number in the box and clicking on Go button. It jumps to the said page.

9. Exit

Below the pagination control, there is exit button. If you want to exit the supplier search page click on exit button.


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Frequently Asked Questions?

01How to give opening balances to my vendor?

  • Click on Supplier Module > New Supplier
  • At the right hand side of the Supplier form there is a field named Opening Balances
  • Enter the Opening Balances
  • Set the Type as Debit or Credit depending up on the nature of Opening Balance

02How to add contact person details to my vendor?

  • Click on Supplier Module > New Supplier
  • Give the name of the contact person in the field Contact Name

03Can I have duplicate of supplier with the same display name?

No, duplicate supplier with same display name is not allowed.

04How do I filter my Supplier?

Filter option is available below the Customer Search page. Customers can be filtered based on:

  • Customer Name
  • Phone
  • E-mail

Also if you click on the drop down icon on the Filter field, you can enter the details into the fields directly by selecting from the drop down options displayed.

05How to set the payment terms of my supplier?

In Supplier Details form, there is a field named Payment Term in which eight set of predetermined values like NET 7, NET 15, On Receipt, Specific Date etc. will be available. From the drop down option in Payment Term select the appropriate value and Save the supplier details.

06Is it possible to create an overseas Supplier?

  • Select New Click (indicated by ‘+’ in the dashboard) in Supplier Module
  • From the drop down options of GST Treatment field, select Overseas

07How to edit already created supplier?

Select the Supplier Module. At the right hand end of the each supplier there is a Pencil icon which indicates edit. Click on the icon to make required changes and select Save button.

08Can I delete a supplier?

No, supplier can only be edited not deleted.

09I want to export all my suppliers with phone number into an excel document. How to do the same?

Select the supplier module. The supplier search window opens. Click on the Export button at the top right corner near the New button. Select the file location and click on save.

10While creating a supplier I gave opening balance. On a later date I received the amount. How do I adjust this receipt with opening balance?

  • Purchase Module- Payments made-Opening setoff
  • Opening setoff form opens.
  • Choose the supplier and enter Instrument details,Narration etc
  • Give the amount to be adjusted
  • Click on Save.

11I don’t have any opening balance for my supplier, but while saving my supplier contact it says “Please enter opening Balance”. What should I do?

While saving the Supplier, if you get a warning msg saying Please enter opening balance, In the opening balance column give the amount as Zero and then save the supplier data.

12What does GST treatment in supplier form implies?

GST treatment decides how the transaction to be accounted for. Based on the GST treatment , the automated journal is created as Interstate,Intra state ,overseas etc.

13If I modify my Supplier address. Will it reflect in the already created invoices against this contact?

Yes. If you modify your supplier address it will automatically change the address of all the invoices created against this supplier

14If my supplier balance for the previous financial year ended up in Debit balance. Where do I show this?

  • Open Supplier Module
  • Choose the supplier whose opening balance is to be give.
  • Under opening balance column enter the amount
  • Choose the account type as debit from the drop down option.


15If I set the payment terms as Specific Date, where shall I provide the date?

  • From purchase search, click on New-purchase invoices
  • Select the required supplier from the drop down box of “Supplier”
  • The Payment Term will be automatically updated as per the supplier detail settings.
  • If Payment term comes as Specific Date. Then in the purchase invoice form, the due date column near the payment term becomes active and we can choose a date.

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