Excise Tax Audit Report In Accoxi

The Excise Tax Audit Report in Accoxi tracks transactions with excise products for compliance and financial insights.


The Excise Tax Audit Report is a comprehensive document that examines and assesses an organization's transactions related to excise tax. This report provides an overview of excise tax activities, including details such as transaction dates, product information, tax amounts, and compliance with relevant regulations. It serves as a tool for ensuring accuracy in excise tax reporting, identifying any discrepancies, and ensuring adherence to statutory requirements. In Accoxi, the Excise Tax Audit Report specifically captures transactions involving items marked as excise products during their creation. This report provides a detailed record of transactions related to excise tax, offering insights into the financial activities associated with excise products. The report may include a breakdown of excise tax liabilities, reconciliation of excise tax accounts, and recommendations for improvements in compliance and record-keeping processes.

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Excise Tax Audit Report

The Excise Tax Audit Report can be accessed within the VAT section of the Accounts module.


Generated Exise Tax Audit File




If you don't see the most recent data, simply click on the refresh icon located in the upper right corner of the page to retrieve the latest information.

Generate Excise Tax Audit File

To generate an Excise Tax Audit file, click on the "+ Generate Excise Tax Audit File" button. Upon clicking, a popup window will appear, allowing the user to select the period range by specifying the start and end dates. The file is then generated based on the chosen period range.

Search Table View

The data in the search table includes the start and end dates of transactions within the selected Audit file. "Generated by" specifies the name of the user who generated the Audit file, and "Generated date" indicates the date on which the file was created.


After generating the file, it will be listed on the screen. Clicking on the view icon provides a preview of the generated file, displaying it in the format issued by the Authority. This feature allows users to easily inspect and verify the contents of the file before further actions or submissions.


The user has the option to export the Audit file in Excel format, providing flexibility in managing and utilizing the data for additional analysis or documentation purposes.


If the user wishes to delete the generated Audit file, they can use the designated button for this action.


This feature facilitates page navigation. To move to the next page, the user can utilize the navigation key.


The "Exit" menu is used to close the current page.

Generated Excise Audit Report
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