Opening Stock in Accoxi

Edit and view your organization's opening stock.

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The term "opening stock" refers to the inventory available at the start of an accounting period. The stock held at the conclusion of that period, also known as the "closing stock," becomes the opening stock for the subsequent accounting period. This establishes a continuity in tracking inventory levels between consecutive accounting periods.


In ACCOXI, the 'Opening Stock' feature allows users to view the total quantity and value of their initial stock. Users can input the opening stock details when creating an item within the 'Inventory Section.' Furthermore, the edit option permits users to modify the price or quantity associated with the opening stock as needed.

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Key Features:

  1. Opening Inventory Insight:
    • Provides users with information about the opening inventory, including the count of items and their total value.
  2. Edit Functionality:
    • Users can modify opening stock, purchase rates, sales rates, or expiry dates by clicking on the edit icon.
  3. Export Capability:
    • The export option, located at the top right corner of the opening stock window, allows users to export opening stock details to their computer folder in PDF format.
  4. Product-Specific Details:
    • Users can access specific details about the opening stock of a particular product or check the current available stock of an item using the filter option.

Opening Stock

To access the Opening Stock feature:

  1. Navigate to the "Inventory Section."
  2. Within the Inventory Section, locate and select the "Opening Stock" option.

This will lead you to the Opening Stock interface, where you can manage and view details related to the initial stock of items.

Menus Available In Opening Stock Table




Serial Number

Product Name

List of Product Names You Created

Opening Stock

Initial Stock for the Relevant Product

Stock Value

Total Value of Product Stock (Opening Stock * Purchase Rate)

Menus Available In Opening Stock Screen
  1. Filter Option:
    • Users have two methods to filter opening stock. Firstly, they can directly input the product name into the search bar. Alternatively, by selecting the filter option, users can input the product name or activate the 'In Stock' option to display details of available stock. Otherwise, it will show all stock, including sold units.
  2. Refresh Option:
    • In the event that the latest data is not visible, users can select the refresh icon at the top left corner of the page to retrieve new data.
  3. Export Option:
    • Should the user wish to export opening stock details to PDF format, the export option is accessible. After selecting export to PDF, a prompt for saving the file directory will appear, enabling the user to choose the location for saving the PDF file.
  4. Edit Option:
    • Users can conveniently edit various parameters, such as purchase rate, sales rate, wholesale rate, opening stock, expiry date, etc., through the edit option.
  5. Pagination Control:
    • The pagination control oversees page navigation and size. Users can designate the page size as 10, 20, 50, or 100, and by inputting the page number in the provided box and clicking the Go button, the desired page will be displayed.
  6. Exit Option:
    • Users can exit the current window, directing them back to the previous page.
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