Supplier Advance Adjustment in Purchase Invoice

Supplier Advance Adjustment In Purchase Invoice


ACCOXI facilitates a feature for the user to adjust the advance payments. If the user paid any advance payments to the supplier user can adjust this advance amount to the purchase invoice.

This can applied in the purchase view window => more option => supplier advance adjustment.


Steps to apply supplier advance adjustment

  • The first step is to make an advance payment to the supplier this can be done through => purchase module =>select payments made =>supplier advance
  • After setting up an advance payment make an invoice with the supplier and in the purchase view option Select supplier advance from the more option
  • Then an advance adjustment window will pop up with the advances made details with the supplier
  • Then enter the adjustment amount and click ok to save the changes

Advance Adjustment





The serial number of the data in the table

Total amount

The total amount of the purchase invoice is visible in this area

Voucher no

The voucher number of advance is automatically appeared

voucher date

The date of the advance payment is appeared here


The amount paid in advance to the supplier will be visible in here


If any adjustments made in the past that amount will be reduced and the remaining balance of advance will be visible in this column

Adjustment amount

Enter the amount to be adjusted in the invoice



Shows the amount given in the adjustment column

Balance credit

The remaining balance in the invoice after adjusting the supplier advance is visible in here


To save the changes


To exit from the window without saving the adjustments made