Currencies In Accoxi

Accoxi manages multiple currencies seamlessly.


Currencies In Accoxi

The "Currencies" option facilitates the management of various currencies within the system. Users can configure multiple currencies to accurately reflect the diverse financial transactions they engage in. This feature allows for seamless handling of international transactions and enables users to work with different currencies simultaneously. Additionally, the "Currencies" option often includes functionalities such as exchange rate management, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial reporting. Overall, this feature enhances the flexibility and precision of financial tracking in diverse and globalized business environments.





The # symbol serves as an indicator for the serial number.


The column displays the currency code.


Here, the currency symbol is shown.

Currency Name

The name of the currency is visible here.

Base Currency

The displayed information here pertains to the exchange rate on the base currency for the specified currency.

Last Updated

The presented information here includes the last updated date and time of the currency exchange rate.

Menus Available In Currencies Earch Screeen

Menus Available



1. Filter

To search a specific currency, users have the option to employ the filter feature, allowing them to narrow down their search by either currency name or code.

2. Refresh

To obtain the most recent information, make use of the refresh button.

3. Export

Clicking on the export button allows you to export the list of currencies to an Excel format.

4. Edit Exchange Rate

By clicking on the "Edit Exchange Rate" icon, you can modify the exchange rate for a specific currency.

5. Edit Currency

Clicking on the "Edit Currency" option enables you to modify the details of a currency, including currency unit, subunit, symbol, decimal places, and more.

6. Activate Currency

To activate a currency, select the "Activate" icon. When a currency is activated, this icon will be displayed in green color.

7. Exit

To leave the current page, user can use the exit button.

Update Exchange Rate

Update Exchange Rate



As On

The "As on" field is a date field featuring a dropdown calendar, allowing users to select the specific date for which the exchange rate is applicable.

Exchange Rate

In this field, users have the option to input the exchange rate for the selected currency in relation to the base currency.


The current window can be closed by using the "Cancel" button.


To update the exchange rate, click on the save button after entering the details.

Edit Currency

Currency Edit




The displayed information here includes the code and name of the selected currency.

Currency Unit

This text field allows users to input the currency unit, and the entered unit will be displayed here with the option for editing.

Currency Sub-Unit

Users can input the currency sub-unit in this text field, and the entered sub-unit will be displayed here with the option for editing.

Currency Symbol

The provided currency symbol is displayed here, and it can be edited as needed.

Symbol Position

This is a dropdown field with the options "Before Amount" and "After Amount." The position of the symbol is determined based on the selected value from this dropdown.

Decimal Places

In this field, users can define the decimal places, with the dropdown offering values ranging from 1 to 4. The specified decimal place for the selected currency will be displayed, and editing is permissible.

Add space between amount and symbol

This checkbox is used to specify whether there should be a space between the amount and the currency symbol.


To apply the changes, click the save button.

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