Purchase details reports

Purchase Details

Purchase details reports

The Purchase Report in ACCOXI gives details of all the purchase transaction occurred during the period. This report lists the supplier name, ref number of the transaction, invoice date, the due date of the payment, invoice amount, paid amount, and balance. In ACCOXI purchase reports can be accessed from report modules and by selecting payables reports.

Purchase Details Report



Customize report

Users can filter the report data using the customize report option. The reports can be filtered between certain due dates, with certain suppliers by reference number. Then by clicking run report user will get the filtered details of the report.


Users can print the reports in the reports module  by clicking the print button user will be redirected to report view menu where the user can print the reports and the user can also export the report data into an excel sheet, pdf file etc.


Serial number of the data included in the table.

Supplier name

Shows the supplier name of the particular transaction in this column

Ref no

The reference number of the transaction is included in this column

Invoice date

The date of the transaction is mentioned here

Due date

This column refers to the payment due date of the transaction

Invoice total

The total amount of the transaction is referred to in this column.

Paid amount

The amount paid to the supplier by the user is included in this column


The balance amount to be paid will be shown in here

Pagination control



It controls the page navigation and fetches data




Below the pagination control, there is the exit button. If the user wants to exit the reports page click on exit button.


Options available in print report menu:

Purchase Details Print

1.Page setup option bar: Users can adjust the page view using the page setup option bar.

  • Users can refresh the page to update any changes made.
  • Users can navigate the page using the first page, previous page, next page and the last page
  • And it also shows the current page number and the total number of pages of the report.
  • And by giving page number in the current page number box and pressing enter. It jumps to the said page.
  • The page setup button allows the user to define the paper size, orientation and margins of the report.
  • User can switch between interactive layout and print preview layout using the switch button
  • The adjustment of the zoom size of the report is also available in the page setup bar.

2.Print: Users can print the reports in the reports module by clicking the print button user will be redirected to print setup window where the user can adjust the print options.

3.Export: ACCOXI provides the feature for the user to export the report data into different file formats like excel, pdf, rtf, csv, MHTML, image etc.by clicking the export button user will be redirected to save as window where user can input the file save location and file format.

4.Exit:  Users can close the purchase details reports window by clicking the exit button.