Cost Centre in Accoxi

It shows monthly wise profit Centre analysis which helps the user for easy generation and analysis of Profit.

Cost Centre


A cost centre is a segment within a business to which costs can be allocated. It is a specific department, unit, project, or any other defined area of an organization for which costs are tracked separately. The purpose of cost centres is to monitor and manage expenses within distinct parts of the business, enabling better control and analysis of financial performance. This segmentation helps businesses understand where resources are utilized and can be instrumental in budgeting, decision-making, and assessing the profitability of different areas within the organization. Cost centres are often used in management accounting to enhance financial reporting and control.

Costcentre In Accoxi


Within Accoxi, users can set up distinct cost centres and assign both incomes and expenses to these individual centres. This allows for a detailed analysis of the profit or loss specific to each cost centre, thereby contributing to more informed decision-making.

Key Features of Cost Centres:

  1. Expense Tracking: Cost centres enable detailed tracking of expenses associated with specific segments or departments within an organization.
  2. Revenue Allocation: Users can allocate revenues to different cost centres, providing a comprehensive view of income distribution.
  3. Performance Analysis: Cost centres facilitate the analysis of the financial performance of individual segments, aiding in decision-making and resource allocation.
  4. Decision Support: The data generated by cost centres assists management in making informed decisions about resource allocation, investments, and operational improvements.
  5. Profit/Loss Evaluation: Cost centres allow for the assessment of profit or loss incurred in specific areas, helping organizations focus on improving overall financial health.
  6. Departmental Accountability: By assigning costs to specific cost centres, accountability is established, promoting responsibility for financial outcomes within each department.
  7. Reporting: Comprehensive reports can be generated for each cost centre, providing insights into financial trends and facilitating strategic planning.
  8. Resource Optimization: Cost centres help identify areas of inefficiency or excess spending, enabling organizations to optimize resources effectively.
  9. Project Management: In project-based businesses, cost centres assist in monitoring and controlling expenses related to specific projects, ensuring financial success.

Steps for implementing cost centres:

1. Enable Cost Centre Settings:

    • Navigate to Settings - Preference - Organization.
    • Enable Cost Centre in the preferences.

If you wish to allocate transactions to cost centres during transaction saving, activate the setting 'Allow Automatic Cost Centre Popup' in the preference settings.

2. Define Cost Centres:

    • Access Accounts - Cost Centre - Manage Cost Centre.
    • Define and set up the desired cost centres.

3. Allocate Incomes/Expenses to Cost Centres:

    • Go to Accounts - Cost Centre - Cost Centre Allocations.
    • Allocate incomes and expenses to specific cost centres.
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