Physical stock in Accoxi

In Accoxi, the physical stock form helps the user to adjust the stock quantity available in their inventory.

Physical stock

Physical stock means Actual Inventory. It refers to the inventory which is actually put in a warehouse and is also called Actual Inventory or Warehouse Inventory. It is used in contrast with the Theoretical Inventory.

Physical Stock


In Accoxi, the physical stock form helps the user to adjust the stock quantity available in their inventory. Stock Adjustments enable users to increase or decrease the number of items you have "In Stock". Typical situations where users can create a Stock Adjustment include- any other positive or negative event, which affects the Stock level - theft, fire, lost items, gifts, etc.

Stock adjustments can be done by using Inventory Section -> Stock management -> Physical stock.

Here the user can adjust the inventory of the business in case of any natural or man-made calamities-caused.

Physical Stock

Physical Stock Search

Menus Available In Physical Stock

Data in Physical Stock Search




Showing raw number.


Showing the reference number of the transaction.


Date of the transaction is showing here.


Reason for stock adjustment transaction is indicated here.


Description given to the transaction is showing here.

Created username

The name of the user who initiated the transaction is displayed here.

View Icon

Clicking on view icon will opens the physical stock form with the created data.

Menus available in Search Table




Searching for the transaction can be done in two ways, either directly search from the search bar or using the filter option. Filtration can be done for ref no and date.


To get the latest data, refresh button can be used.

+ New Physical Stock

Clicking on this will opens the creation form, where all details related to the transaction can be provide.


To export the list of transactions of physical stock, Export button can be used.

Pagination control

To get the whole data or last page data, pagination control can be used.


Clicking on exit button will close the physical stock search window.


New Physical Stock



Ref. Number

The Reference Number Of The New Stock Adjustment Will Be Automatically Generated.


User Can Easily Select The Date Of The Adjustment From The Given Calendar Format


User Is Available With Some Default Reasons For Stock Adjustment And It Makes The User Easily Select The Reason From The Drop Down List


The User Can Enter Any Descriptions For The Stock Adjustment In This Column


The Serial Number Of Data In The Table Is Given In This Section

Item Name

User Can Select The Item That He Wants To Adjust, From This Column By Just Pressing Enter And Selecting The Name Of The Item From The Pop Up Menu


The Batch Of The Product That User Want To Adjust  Can Be Selected From This Column


Unit of the stock shows here

QTY Available

It Shows The Present Quantity Of The Item

New Quantity

User Can Enter The New Quantity That He Wants To Set For The Item In This Column

Adjusted QTY.

The Adjusted Quantity After Making Adjustments Will Be Visible Automatically In This Column


After Making Adjustments Press This Button To Save The Changes Made


This Button Helps The User To Clear Any Data Entered In This Window


This Will Exit The Current Window

Frequently Asked Questions?

01How do I Access the Physical stock form?

The physical stock form can be accessed using Inventory Section-> Stock management-> Physical stock.

02How do I create a new Stock Adjustments?

  • Access new stock adjustment through inventory module and click on new stock adjustment button from the stock adjustment search window
  • Reference number will be automatically generated for the new stock adjustment form
  • Enter the date of the adjustment and select the mode of adjustment which is user is trying to adjust the quantity of the stock or value of the stock
  • Then select the reason for the stock adjustment from the drop down list and enter description
  • Then select the item you want to adjust and its current quantity or value will be visible in the table user can enter the new QTY./VALUE to the table and adjusted value or qty. will be generated and use the save button to make changes in the stock

03How do I choose the reason for the stock adjustment?

  • Inventory module => stock adjustments => stock adjustment search window opens
  • Click on new stock adjustment
  • From the stock adjustment form there is a drop down list available saying reason. You can opt the apt reason from this
  • And click save

04Can I adjust my stock if it is stolen?

Yes. You can adjust it through the Physical stock form.

05Can I do multiple stock adjustments?

Yes, you can add multiple stock adjustments.

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