Stock Book Report in Accoxi

he report helps the user to get the information like how much stock you have, which products are selling fastest, and other inventory details.


A stock book report provides a concise overview of a company's current inventory, capturing essential information such as stock levels, the fastest-selling products, stock adjustments, and other inventory details. It involves manual tracking of inventory, recording entries for incoming and outgoing stock. This comprehensive report furnishes a detailed inventory summary, listing all products and variants in stock, along with a record of items currently out of stock.

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Stock Book Report

In Accoxi, the Stock Book Report offers a comprehensive overview of inventory, presenting a detailed list of all products and variants currently in stock, along with those that are out of stock. This report provides crucial information such as stock levels, fastest-selling products, stock adjustment details, and other inventory-related insights. It includes specifics like item name, unit, tax rate, batch code, unit price batch-wise, opening stock, opening stock value, purchase quantity, purchase return quantity, sales quantity, sales return quantity, stock adjustment quantity, stock inward quantity, stock outward quantity, closing stock, and total value. Accessible under the inventory section in the report module, this report serves as a valuable tool for managing and analyzing stock-related data.

Menus Available In Stock Book Report





The user has the flexibility to tailor the report data by clicking on this button. The report permits data filtration based date, product and In stock items.

Export to Excel

By clicking this button, users can export the report to Excel.

Export to PDF

Clicking this button allows the user to export the report to PDF.


This button enables users to print the report.


To send the report via email, simply click this button. The report in PDF format will be attached to the email, and you can input the recipient's email address, CC address, subject, and any additional details for the email.


The pagination control offers the capability to navigate from one page to another.


Clicking the 'Exit' button allows the user to exit from the report.





The symbol '#' represents the number of lines in the given context.


This section provides a view of the items currently held in the inventory.


The units of the item are displayed in this section.

Sales Rate

This column displays the sales rate of the particular item.

Opening Stock

The opening stock of the item is presented in this section.

Opening Stock Value

The opening stock value of the item is displayed in this section.

Pur. Qty

The quantity purchased for the item is shown in this section.

Pur. Return Qty

The quantity returned for the item is presented in this section.

Sales Qty

The total quantity made for sales is displayed here.

Sales Return Qty

The total quantity received as sales return is shown here.

Stock Adjusted Qty

If there is any quantity adjusted for the item, it will be displayed in this column.

Stock Inward Qty

If the item is involved in stock inward, the total quantity will be displayed here.

Stock Outward Qty

In the case of the item being assigned for stock transfer, the total quantity will be showcased in this area.

Reserved Qty

The quantity being reserved is displayed in this section.

Closing Stock

The closing stock of the item within the selected date is presented here.

Available Stock

The stock available for sale on the selected date is displayed here.

Total Value

The total value of the closing stock is being presented.

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