Financial Year

Financial Year

A Financial Year is a period of twelve months, used by government, business and other organizations in order to calculate their budgets, profits and losses. Financial year is often used in business to compare with the calendar year.

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Financial Year Settings in Accoxi

Accoxi is most modern accounting software that provides easy and deliberate results for accounting. It provides the function of Financial Year settings and user can create or set the Financial year of the Organization in it.

Key Features:

  • It helps the user to create new financial year of the Organization.
  • It shows the details of financial year, financial year start date and the Current Financial year of the Organization.
  • User can set the Financial Year and can change the current financial year of the Organization.
  • It shows the status of financial year closed and Undo Financial year close.

Financial Year Org

Click on the Settings menu on the top right side of the page. Then list of settings tab will open.

Select the option Financial Year from General settings option, then it opens to Financial Year page.

Financial Year 1 (1)



Create New financial year

This menu is to create new financial year of the Organization. When clicking on the menu, a validation message will appear on the screen.


To create a new Financial year, user need to click on the Yes option. Then another message will popup on the screen.



User need to any one of the option to create new financial year. If the user wants to auto restart the voucher, click on the Yes option from the tab or if it is no need, then click on No.


After set the voucher options, another validation message popup on the screen, with the message of successfully created the financial year, then click on the Ok option


Then a new validation message will appear on the screen. If the user wants to set the created financial year as the current financial year, click on Yes option and if no need to change, then click on No option.


If the latest data is not displayed, click on the refresh icon on the top right corner of the page to fetch the new data. 


Financial Year start date

It shows the starting date of the financial year.

Financial year

This field shows the financial year range, that is starting year to the end year.

Financial Year Closed

It shows the status of closed financial year.


Action column includes Current financial year and Set as Current financial year option. Current financial year is shows with a green color font and user can change the current financial year by clicking on the option Set as Current financial year.


Undo Year close

This field shows the status of changes that did after close the financial year.


This menu helps the user to delete the un-wanted financial year.


Frequently Asked Questions?

01How do I create a new Financial year for my company?

  • Click on Settings =>Financial Year
  • Click on create new Financial Year button
  • Automatically the next Financial Year is created.

02How do I change the current Financial Year?

  • Click on Settings =>Financial Year
  • Click on the “set as current financial year” in the action column

03How do I delete the Financial Years created?

  • Click on Settings =>Financial Year
  • By clicking the delete button in the right end side representing the created financial year.