Barcode Printer Settings

Set Up Barcode Printing in Accoxi

Barcode Printer Settings 1


A barcode printer, a peripheral device used for printing barcode labels, can be configured through the inventory menu. This menu is dedicated to managing Barcode printer settings, encompassing options such as barcode format, the quantity of labels in a line, printer name, and more.

Barcode Printer Settings

Options available in Barcode printer settings

Menus Available In Barcode Printer Settings
  1. Barcode Format: Users can input the barcode format in this section.
  2. Number of Labels in Line: Set the quantity of labels to be printed in this section.
  3. Printer Name: Users can choose the printer name from the dropdown option.
  4. Default: This option allows the user to set the default printer for taking prints.
  5. Delete Option: Users can delete printers if needed; a validation message will appear, and users can click "yes" to delete the added printers.
  6. Refresh Option: If the latest data is not displayed, click on the refresh icon on the top left corner to fetch new data.
  7. Save Option: To save the data inserted in the printer settings menu, click on the "Save" button.
  8. Exit Option: Click on the exit button if the user wants to leave the printer settings page.
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