Recurring Invoices Export Option

Recurring Purchase Invoices In Accoxi


ACCOXI‘s one of the helpful feature is that the data entered in the software can be exported to another software’s and formats. Here user can export the recurring invoice data into excel sheet using the export icon.

Recurring Purchase Invoice Export Option


The recurring invoice list can be exported to Excel format. Click on the Export button and a validation message will pop up and click yes to view the save as window.


From the save as window user can select the format of the exporting data which is by default excel format and the file location to save the data.

Recurring Invoice Save As Window



  • Select the file location to save the data
  • Then type the file name of the exporting data
  • Select the save as type which is by default excel format
  • Then click on save to export the data and click cancel to exit the window without saving the data